Introducing "Topless Pants"

So, I made my first pair of ‘babylegs’, in all of 10 minutes!! They turned out so well, even my hubby thought they were cute! I just got some socks I don’t wear anymore, and went to town. I think I will be making LOTS more to sell as “Topless Pants”, but out of new socks of course! Here is my little Pooka sporting the only boyish ones I had on hand.

All I did was cut the sock right above the heel. Then to make the cuff, I cut off the rest of the heel and the toe. I then cut down the bottom of the sock between the toe and heel that I just cut out, and sewed it back together taking it in about an inch worth. Folded that baby in half, sewed it to the bottom of the leg part of the sock, and TADA!! I think I am officially hooked… 🙂
I think Daddy was hiding because he was having a bad hair day… 😀

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