I Got a Deal!

So, here is the loot 🙂

It just so happened that we were about to run out of Pull-Ups. And, even though I really would prefer to use cloth trainers with snap sides, I have just been a little busy lately and unable to make some. They are in the work-in-progress pile. Sorry, back to my big savings 🙂


2 Jumbo Packs Pull-Ups at $11.99 each—- $23.98
1 pack Textured Cotton rounds————– $1.29

subtotal: $25.27

$5 off $25 purchase from Walgreens (signed up for emails from their website)
$5 off Pull-Ups Jumbo sized pack or larger (signed up for mailings from their website)

Total: $10.27

That’s right folks, I paid less that the cost of just one pack of Pull-Ups for 2 packs and cotton rounds (these were somewhat needed, and I picked them also to get over $25 for the store coupon). Go me, I was doing a happy dance when I got in the car, even called my husband I was so excited!


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