Blue Dress Refab

This is what we started with, yet another $1 find at GW. It said it was a child’s size 12, I’m guessing it was a long shirt…

We tried it on my little Miss Lulu (that’s her “funny” name) and the first thing that she said was, I don’t like the top part with the flap (the collar), so that was definitely gonna go. Then she said, “where are my sleeves?” I, of course, said “we haven’t found them yet.”

First thing’s first, the collar came off, and it was just the perfect size to cut in half and make sleeves! Yay.

I added some thin lacy ruffle to the collar, and just made another buttonhole with a button to hold the new collar up and over. Next, I added some ruffle to the bottom, sewing it right onto the current hem to make it appear to be a petticoat.

I really really like how the sleeves turned out. I will be doing this again!
Last step, take in the mid-section to make a waist for her, and here it is:


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