The Weekend and so on…

This weekend, my sweet hubby decided it was time to redo the powder room downstairs. Mind you, he just started his fall semester about 2 weeks ago, and we are trying to finish potty training our now 4 year old. Perfect timing… I think not. Here’s what my view was most of Saturday:
Monday rolls around, a nice rainy Monday, and we are home from school sick. Nothing like homemade soup for lunch on a sick day. Why did it take me this long to realize I could put tortellini in Chicken soup instead of just noodles? Seriously, it was good.Doesn’t she look so much more sad with her little cast on?? I think it’s quite cute actually. She severely sprained her thumb playing with a yoga ball. The bruise on her hand 2 days later was really cool looking, her palm was blue and the lines where your hand creases were purple. The only reason I can talk this calmly about it is because it stopped hurting her the morning after she did it, and it hasn’t hurt since, thankfully! She was pretty excited to get a cast too, and everyone decorating it for her made it even more fun for her. The only thing she doesn’t like is how her hand stinks now.


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