Laminated Cotton With A Tip!! What Else??

I’ve been playing with laminated cotton, like everyone else in the blogosphere I guess…

I got some Amy Butler’s Love, and some Little House Foulard. And, I have to say, I will be buying some more!!

So, I tried out the Sew4Home pattern for their child’s art smock. I quite liked it, especially since they thought about the easiest way to assemble it, bias and all. You pretty much keep sewing around and around, then it seems you’re done all-the-sudden. Loved it!

I know, it’s not too boyish, but he really wanted to wear it…

The best tip I have for sewing with laminated cotton is: toss your pins and use binder clips. You can even find some really cute ones at Staples (can you tell I still haven’t gotten any cute ones???), they have grapes and cherries and lots of other cute stuff. I also found some Adorable ones at Vera Bradley, may just have to buy some of these


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