Part 7: Along For The Project- My First King

Progress feels good.

As of 4:37am this morning, I have quilted this much of the King:

Sashing: All
Blocks: 8 out of 25
Block Borders: 10 out of 25

Does that count as half-way yet? 

I have decided to do straight-line quilting in the sashing, random free-motion quilting in the block borders, and stitching in the ditch of blocks. I quite like how it’s turning out, and honestly I think I like the back of the quilt just as much than the front (if not more).

I also am using gray thread for top on the sashing and in the blocks, white thread on the top for the block borders, and white thread for all of the back. It looks nice.

I love this quilt, but I’m not sure how many more Kings I’m going to make… at least ones with a deadline. gees


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