Tons of Tutorials – Make Your Own Easter Basket

*edited to add another tutorial, at the end*

I have been considering making Easter Baskets for my kids for a while, since we all know how much room traditional ones take up. We have regular baskets for ours, the wicker-type kind, and they are huge.

I wanted to be lazy and just use a pattern to make them instead of actually thinking and making my own. It happens…

So, what’s a girl to do?

Google ‘Fabric Easter Basket Tutorial’ of course!

Here’s what I found:

There’s so many to choose from!

Fabric Easter Basket Tutorial, Me and Madeline

Fabric Basket, Pink Penguin

Easter Basket, Distressed

Via Moda Bake Shop

How to Make a Fabric Basket,

Easter Basket, jcarolinecreative

Woven Recycled Easter Basket, Resweater

Coiled-Rag Basket,

Recycled Wool Easter Basket, Resweater

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