I Can Read

I can read, I can read (sang with my best impression of Wilbur singing ‘I Can Talk’ in Charlotte’s Web).

Hahaha, I know, Mom and Dad must be awful proud right??

What I mean to say really is, I have time to read again. And oh is it wonderful.

My kids and I go to the library weekly, and sometimes more than once. I love books, and I love reading. The only dilemma I had for uhh years was that I didn’t feel like I could fit in anymore time to leisurely read. Whenever I actually had time to read I tried to read my scriptures, but it usually ended up being a cookbook, how-to book, or crafty/pattern book.

This week at the library when we walked in to pay our late fees I saw it on the top of a small bookcase and I knew I had to read it, now.

So, I picked up:

The Friday Night Knitting Club (Friday Night Knitting Club Novels)

I love it, on Chapter 3 already and only had it since Tuesday. I find myself thinking about the characters and what may be coming next while I clean or fold laundry. It makes the takes go by must faster. I have also been thinking about what I want to read next, probably a John Grisham novel (loved ready his pre-babies).

Even though it’s been at least 5 years since the last time I read a novel, I am falling in love with reading all over again and it’s awesome!! The amazing part is that I’m not even having to find time to read, it’s fitting in all over the place. So, if you’re a mommy with lots of little ones, don’t hesitate to grab a good book, as this book encourages, just cast on.

I’ve also put together a little “Bookstore” of sorts through Amazon. It features some books that I love and the kids love too, check it out.

On a side note, here’s what for breakfast this morning:

Paula Dean’s Gorilla Bread

We do really yummy for Conference Weekend, can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “I Can Read

  1. O my goodness that looks yummy! I should have thought to get some cinnamon rolls or something equally yummy tho… can we come over and share? Haha

    Hope you enjoy conference!

  2. It was good, needed to bake longer than the recipe suggested, so the natives were a little restless while waiting. Your more than welcome to come for breakfast 🙂

    Have a good Conference Weekend!

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