Teflon Pressing Sheets

I had never even heard of a teflon pressing sheet until about 2 weeks ago.

Debra Gabel was the guest speaker for our last guild meeting, this woman is absolutely amazing fyi, and at the end of her lecture she gave a short demo for her workshop she was holding the following day. As part of this demo, she showed us her teflon pressing sheets.

My thought was, oh just another quilting accessory that I don’t really need/won’t really use. So, of course I was hesitant.

And, naturally, when I went to JoAnn’s last weekend I saw a plastic-y looking pressing sheet and bought it (only about $7, so would only be out-ed a little $ if I didn’t like it).

This morning as I was pressing all my projects I’m trying to wrap up, my 8-year old’s library tote came upon the ironing board with it’s soon-to-be attached Fancy Nancy patch.

Normally when I am dealing with fusible, I have a cheese cloth that I put under the piece before I initially attach the fusible so I don’t get sticky’s all over my ironing board. Today I put my new-fangled pressing sheet.

I iron.

I lift Miss Fancy Nancy off of the pressing cloth and all the glue around her is now stuck on my pressing sheet. Moment of panic. Crap, I just ruined it.

Throw it on the floor in sheer disgust.

I finish ironing on Miss Nancy, then put books on top of her because her hands and feet just are not cooperating (another issue to pair with this moment of irritation of wasting money, and on my first use too, err).

I come back to the new ‘ruined’ pressing sheet. All the glue has dried, stuck forever I think.

Not quite, it all starts to flake off.


Go buy one, seriously.


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