My First Mini!

Isn’t it…. ok? I think I like it more in this photo than in person… so sad.

This was my first mini. I used the scraps from my Brick Wall Quilt. And, I did some swirly quilting, can you tell I’m trying to experiment with my free-motion foot lately?

I had a really hard time figuring out what to put on the back. I felt like everything either looked bland or didn’t go with the front at all. I settled on a creamy yellow solid.

I made it to enter it with the other minis from the guild I belong to for our quilt show this October that will be raffled off. There is also a contest for those who enter, with 10 winners each getting 10 FQs.

Hoping I get to win!

I was, by the way, complimented on my binding when turning it in to the guild president. Thankfully I have fully converted to Amanda’s binding method from Crazy Mom Quilts. I simply told my Pres. that I learned online. I love love a skinny binding, and fully machine sewn. Never.Turning.Back.


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