A King is Still a King

This is what I finished doing this morning:

The playroom was officially quarantined since Sunday. I pinned my first quilt yesterday morning, and this morning I knocked out this mammoth of a quilt, took me 1 1/2 hours to pin it. Of course, I am 4 pins short (4 pins… yea), so the very far corner hasn’t been pinned. I think it will be alright since I plan to quilt the middle first using straight sticth. Then, I will do a vine with leaves through the white border, and finish it up with more straight line in the final border.

I am very excited to use the varigated thread I bought from Uncommon Thread. I ordered Sulky 30wt 100% cotton (colorway: Melon Soft I think), and they sent me a pamphlet that has every color they sell, varigated ones and solids. Oh, it was heavenly to open it and look at all the thread colors!

I do have to say that I’m not sure how many more King-sized quilts are in my future. They are just soooooo huge. Maybe my bed will be the last one I make a King-sized quilt for. We shall see.

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