To Grandmother’s House We Go

Tonight we head out!

Our ‘little’ family will be going to my grandma’s house in West Virginia, I’ve only blogged about it a few times… here, here, and here.

Thankfully, we’ll be stopping tonight at my Dad’s in Maryland and staying the night. It’ll be nice to break up the drive, it would be about 7 hours one way (and that only includes 2 short stops) otherwise. Making that drive in a Mazda MPV with 4 kids isn’t exactly easy/fun.

I’ve got a project (possibly two) going along with me. I’m pretty excited to get lots of hooking done on this soon-to-be baby blanket (on Ravelry here):

This is a project that was inspired by Lucy at Attic24, she’s doing a ripple-along, her ripples are simply adorable!

Loving all the colors. Maybe I’m trying to get more into scrappy crochet… I’ve got tons of granny squares that I need to kick myself into making into something because I think I’m abandoning the original King-sized plan for them. (I know, how horrible to abandon an original project… it’s either that or it’s gonna sit for much longer than it already has.)

Wish me luck (and sanity…).


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