Handmade Christmas Gifts Part 1 – Pajamas

It was kind of hard for me to wait until after Christmas to blog about the gifts I made, especially since some of the recipients actually check out my blog occasionally. So, I’m gonna dish on the few things I managed to whip up for Christmas gifts this year.

After the holidays each year I always wish I would’ve been better about planning ahead to be able to have given more handmade gifts. Ahh, maybe this year right? 

Either way, I love making my kids pajamas for Christmas, even though I always end up working on one set the week before Christmas. Never fails, no matter how early I start.

This year I went with some easier ones for the boys, just fleece pants. I did make some pants for their build-a-bear guys too, they were a hit.

For the girls I used the Simplicity pattern 5382. I’m thinking I need to do a review for that pattern, there are a few notes I want to remember for sure. The first one is: do not buy flannel backed satin unless your life depends on it (no, it really isn’t that cute), it doesn’t ruffle well and sucks when trying to keep things lined up.

They all came out well, and all the kids were very happy with them (bonus). Bad pictures though, I still need to work on my indoor lighting for taking pictures at night.


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