April’s UFO – Blue Yellow Green

There has been much progress in these parts when it comes to organizing, and thanks to the Lovely Year of Finishes there has also been great progress in digging out and finishing up those long lost UFOs.

It feels great to have a sort of purpose given back to those once abandoned ideas and creations. The excuses have been pushed aside, and a rehashing of sorts is taking place.

It feels good.

If I were a good writer, I would relate all of this to the springtime and the beautiful changes we are seeing all around us.

That I feel somewhat like my gardens outside, clearing out the old remnants of growth last year and getting ready for planting.

New ideas, and a sort of clean slate to start off with. Maybe I will do some type of writing challenges along with all of these projects, always room for improvement.

So, without further ado, here’s my chosen UFO for the month of April:

My goal is to finish the top and backing for this quilt.

Here is one of the blocks:

This quilt came about because a good friend gave me that 9-patch block with the yellow and white. I love the print she used, the yellow flowers are surrounded by a grey leafy almost plaid.

The 9-patch stayed on my design wall for almost a year before I figured out just what I wanted to do with it. In trying to use up my scraps lately, I decided to make a version of a log cabin, starting with about an 8 in block as the center of each larger block. I love how it’s turning out!

I have not decided yet if I want to have it quilted or quilt it myself. I am leaning towards having it quilted though, I have never had a quilt quilted for me and it feels almost exciting.


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