May Goals

What to do, what to do…

I’ve been thinking the last week or so about which goal(s) I’m going to set this month.

First, I was thinking about how this summer will most likely be insane, so moving the easier goals to June through August would probably be good.

Then, I thought about how I really wanted to stick with the projects I worked on in April so I could really eliminate some UFOs completely.

Then, thoughts of starting a whole new project have been popping up. I mean seriously, my list of quilts I want to make seems to have a few more added on each time I open my internet browser. Am I the only one that has this problem??

Geta Grama

I know that the third option really isn’t sticking with the whole idea of actually finishing things, so that one should be crossed off the list. But, just look at that quilt by Geta Gramma! I bought the pattern immediately!!

Ok, back to reality… (I mean, that is paper pieced, and I currently have 5 kids ages 10 and under…)

With that off the table, I think the best thing to do would be to finish the projects I’ve been working on. Even though quilting the tops I’ve finished would be a easier project to keep up with through our summer schedule, I think I’d rather break up the quilting so I don’t end up doing nothing but that for a few months straight.

Here is ‘the goal’ then:
– Quilt and bind my ‘Double Stuffed’ quilt
– Quilt tie-die quilt that is my friend’s daughter’s first quilt
– Quilt my first quilt (still unnamed, maybe I should call it: Took Me Forever. haha)

There it is, ‘Took Me Forever’, it’s gonna be DONE soon!!! Yes!

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3 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. Thank you for the compliments!!

    Don't worry Valerie, this is just the list for this month. I have more prjects in the process than I would like to even think of. It's just nice to have a little motivation to finish some of them 😉

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