I’m Joining the AMB Blog Tour!!!

It’s no secret that I’m proud of being an American, and I love to support local goods and services.

So, when I was asked by Candice of American Made Brand to participate in their blog tour introducing their awesome new line of solid fabrics I jumped at the chance!


What exactly does that mean you ask??

Well, I have the privilege to design an 12 inch by 6 inch quilt block representing the state I live in: Delaware.

Dela-where?? Yes, Delaware! (We get that bit from Wayne’s World quite often)

There will also be a little giveaway:

One of my lucky readers will win a bundle of 8 FQs of this lovely fabric!!

AMB Giveaway

Edited to add: The giveaway is open to US Residents only.

Awesome, yes??


There just may be a little more goodies to giveaway too.

Stop by on May 19th to see my block and have a chance to win!

This blog tour will take you through each of the 50 States, giving you a chance to win a FQ bundle and other goodies at each stop! Feel free to visit the entire US without even leaving your home!! You can click on the button below:



37 thoughts on “I’m Joining the AMB Blog Tour!!!

  1. this sounds like a fun tour and also learn about all the states. Never been to Delaware or the the east coast.

  2. I have never been to Delaware but would love to visit someday. What comes to mind when I think of Delaware is a song when I was young about the states. I remember them singing “What did Della wear boy, what did Della wear”. I can’t remember the name of the song.

  3. This shall be fun. Hope I can keep up with it. Never seen Delaware, but want to get up to the east coast in the fall. Great job!

  4. When thinking of Delaware, I imagine the historical ” crossing the Delaware.” However I would love to sit down to a table of soft shell blue crabs! Yum!

  5. I have never been to Delaware, but would love to visit it along with the rest of the New England States. I think mostly of history and the beginnings of our country when I think of Delaware.

  6. something new & exciting. Favorite colors of mine are emerald green, cobalt blue & mocha. Dover Air force Base. Thank-you

  7. When i heat Delawate i think of the university where i went for 6 weeks one summer and the mascot which i believe is blue hen.

  8. When I think of Delaware, I think of the crossing of the Delaware! I’ve never been to Delaware but would love to!

  9. When I think of Delaware it makes me think of my Mother and the stories she would tell of her times on the beach with her sister. I love the creative block you chose for Delaware. Love the colors!! My favorite colors that I like to use are ecru, yellow and aqua…not necessarily together. I use a lot of black too. Thank you in advance for your block pattern! (((Hugs)))

  10. My husband has relatives that live in Dover, so I mostly think of them, but as a kid we used to sing the old saying: What did Della Wear?? She wore a New Jersey, etc. It was great fun – LOL Blog tour sounds like fun, and I already see some blogs I’ve never visited, looking forward to it!

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