2 FOs This Last Weekend

How is that even possible??

Either way, it was quite awesome.

First finished object was my Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief. The pattern is a free ravelry download, just click on the link and it will lead you to the pattern.

It's nit a vacation without some awesome knitting #ageofbrassandsteam #sublimecashmeremerinosilkdk #knittersofinstagram

This is the first kerchief I’ve even made, and it was definitely a easy/fun knit. It’s a little smaller than I would like, so I gave it to my oldest daughter. She has been asking me for a shawl for a while now, which I think it funny all on it’s own but that’s another story.

The second project I finished was a crochet bolero for my oldest. She really likes to wear boleros, especially over her dresses to church. This one has been a WIP for a long while, honestly I’m glad it fits her.

A's White Church Bolero

The bolero is also a free pattern on ravelry, although I did make some modifications.

I feel like I need to start something for each of my other kids now. I can’t believe these both got done in one weekend!



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