For Pinks Sakes Blog Tour – Nelson’s Victory Quilt Block Tutorial

I am so pleased to be a part of this blog hop. I mean, how cute of a name?? For Pinks Sakes!
It’s almost impossible for any of us to go through life without having at least one person that is near and dear have to endure the trials of Breast Cancer. For me, it was my high school art teacher. She was someone that I considered to be like a mother to me. She got me through some serious stuff, and she encouraged me to reach farther into my creative soul. I love you Andrea Henderson, I pray you rest in peace.
“In recent years, perhaps coinciding with the decline in prescriptive hormone replacement therapy after menopause, we have seen a gradual reduction in female breast cancer incidence rates among women aged 50 and older. Death rates from breast cancer have been declining since about 1990, in part to better due to screening and early detection, increased awareness, and continually improving treatment options.” via:
Anna over at Life Sew Crafty is dealing with this disease at a much closer level, her Mother-In-Law is fighting the fight. With this being a large part of her life right now, she is raising awareness of Breast Cancer and trying her best to raise money for the ever growing medical expenses her family is enduring (click on the link to donate, every little bit helps!).
Another way to contribute is to make blocks and send them to Anna. She’s assembling quilts and donating them to the Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion in Grand Rapids, MI. For block info & where to send the blocks go to Life Sew Crafty.
My block for this hop is a Nelson’s Victory Block. I really liked that it had the word victory in the name!
It’s super easy!
You only need 3 fabrics: light, dark, & background. A fat eighth would be enough of each.
Cut Fabrics:
– Two 4in squares of Light
– Two 4in squares of Background
– Four 3 1/2in squares of each print
First, match up each 4in light square with one 4in background square and draw a line diagonally across the wrong side of the light square. Pin the squares together, and sew 1/4in from the line on both sides. Cut along the line. You’re making 4 HST blocks. Trim these to 3 1/2in.
Sew the HSTs together to create a windmill block, pictured above.
Next, sew each of the light 3 1/2in squares to one background 3 1/2in square.
Sew one 3 1/2in square of dark fabric to both ends of two of these strips you just made. This is what you should have at this point:
Sew the two smaller strips (pictured on the left & right of center block above). Press, and sew the longer strips on.
I’m thinking this block would look awesome in a scrappy, colorful & low volume colorway. It was so quick to put together too! Oh man, did I really just put another quilt on ‘the list’??!!
There will be a giveaway via Life Sew Crafty on August 2nd to all those who participated in the blog hop in some way, including: donating, sending block, posting, & sharing blog posts.
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7 thoughts on “For Pinks Sakes Blog Tour – Nelson’s Victory Quilt Block Tutorial

  1. Great block. She’s going to have a beautiful quilt, or two, with all the different blocks she’s receiving. You are wonderful to participate in the hop.

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