Purple Patchwork Cargo Duffel

In the midst of summer, and all it’s fun, I whipped up a Cargo Duffel among other things I have yet to blog about.


I absolutely love it! There will definitely be more of these.


I did make a few changes, which are:

– I used 2 layers of cotton batting in all the pieces of the main part of the bag.

– Linen was my interior fabric, no canvas.

– I added 10 inches to the strap length, I prefer a longer strap.


I also made a matching triple zip (which I made 2 inches longer than the tutorial) for the inside. I used my snap press to attach it to the inside of the bag, that way it can be removed. My secret sister I made it for requested lots of pockets, so I needed to improvise 🙂


I also used a baby corduroy for the bottom of the bag, I really like how this turned out. I really feel like it added more to the bottom, and hopefully it won’t wear out as fast as quilting cotton.


I’m telling you, this one was a little hard to give away. But, she absolutely LOVED it, so that made it much easier!


2 thoughts on “Purple Patchwork Cargo Duffel

  1. I absolutely love this duffle bag. The colors are terrific! I so want to make one of these. I’ve been checking out patterns, and been thinking of making the weekender duffle on Craftsy. Hope when I make mine it turns out even half as gorgeous as yours did.

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