Something I can Share!

I’ve been doing lots of secret sewing this year, between swaps, gifts, and getting ready for Christmas, I simply haven’t had much I could share which has been a real bummer.

This has been my leader/ender project for a little while now, and I LOVE it!


Leader/ender projects are nothing new, just google it and a bunch of really beautiful projects will come up, even a few books.

I simply used 2in squares for the centers, then bordered with 1 1/2in strips, then again with 2 1/2in strips. These are some of the pieces I cut my scraps up into as I am cutting for other projects. I have a box for each different ‘scrap busting’ piece and I just sort everything into it’s box when I’m done cutting for each project. That way I can just grab a box and cut out the pieces for my next leader/ender.


Here’s what I used for each block: 2in square; and two of each of these rectangles: 1 1/2in x 2in, 1 1/2in x 4in, 2 1/2in x 4in, 2 1/2in x 8in.

I cut everything at once and put all my pieces into a dish. Then, I completed one step for ALL blocks before moving to the next piece to add. It was much much easier for me this way, and easier to stay on track/keep organized.


These blocks end up at 7 1/2in finished. I did 48, so this quilt is 45in by 60in. It’ll be a great baby quilt!

My next one will just be a postage stamp quilt, there’s a QAL on Instagram #scrappypostagestampQAL (I’m bluestripedroom). I’ll be using my 2in squares, I still have a ton of them after this one.



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