Christmas Quilts of 2014


You guys!!!!!

I did it!

Remember all those crazy #christmasquilting photos back in April? Well, planning early and actually sewing early paid off. Now, I was sewing away for about a week straight (literally, I’m surprised my kids fended for themselves so well… kidding, kinda. hahaha). How did your holiday projects go?


Each quilt was delivered on time and wrapped. Someone pinch me, I’m still not sure I believe it all got finished!

Thankfully we had a bit of nice weather for pictures, though there was tons of mud…. And the little guy was in desperate need of a nap, so sorry for the grumpy shots.










Ha, someone even convinced me to take a picture of ME with the quilts. Why would I want a picture of me? And to share it….


Gotta love this crazy bunch!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Quilts of 2014

  1. You’re so awesome!!!! These are amazing. What a special gift for each of those small humans. Well done!! (And can I please have some of whatever you put in your water??)

  2. Love all of these! This post was the one that convinced me to read all of your posts. I thought all eight of those children were yours, then the last pic shows nine….so then I figured you had nine. Even after finding out you were so young, I still figured they were yours. But after reading all of your posts, I now know they are not all yours. They are a gorgeous group of young ones, and I can tell they love their quilts, I’m betting especially since they were made by you.

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