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Mama to 5. Love to sew, hook & knit, cook, can, and garden. Just trying to stay sane and make fun stuff.

Why ‘BlueStripedRoom’? That’s easy, eventually my studio will be blue with lots of stripes. And, hopefully the fabric/yarn shop will be too someday.

It’s all about the dream!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Please assist me! You have a pattern featured upon your website-“Ear Flap Hat for 18″ Doll”. This is a crochet project. I am unable to print this pattern. I have made several attempts! This Pattern is also featured upon Ravelry! I contacted their Chat Room and was informed that this Pattern is not available upon Ravelry and it is necessary for me to contact you, as they cannot offer assistance with “other” websites! I was told to contact you if I required assistance in printing this pattern! Any assistance you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I am trying your Grandma Dot’s Bobble Square pattern. It seems like the bobbles are popping out on the wrong side. Do you know what I could be doing wrong – I am following your pattern to the letter. Thanks, Kathy

      • Thanks for the quick response. Well written pattern. One more question. Your bobble says to yo. Three times total but have six stitches on the hook. Is that a typo. I had to yo five times to get six stitches. Thanks. Kathy


      • No, you yarn over and pull a loop through, almost like your making a loop on each side. So, each time you yarn over you’ll catch a loop from the back and the front. You’ll have two loops from each yarn over. Does that make sense?

      • No I am still confused. Sorry. I looked at some you tubes instructions and it seems like they are explaining g it as you and a 1/2 double crochet. That leaves 2 stitches on hook. I repeat that process until I have 6 loops on the hook then I pull through all six loops. I getting the bobble so I guess I can continue doing that. Thanks for your help and the nice pattern. I making a bedspread so hopefully I will have enough yarn! Thanks again. Kathy


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