I love Sew Together bags!


I’ve only made two so far, but I absolutely LOVE making these bags!


I mean, just look at how cool they are.


The pattern is by Sew Demented and can be bought on Craftsy. It’s a great pattern. If you’re afraid of zippers I would say try this pattern, the zipper ends are hidden by the sides! (Don’t jusdge the TP in the background… I ran out of tissues and my allergies have been kicking lately.)


There are lots and lots of photos in the pattern, and lots of options for the exterior so you can really make it personal.


And, since both of these bags were given away, so clearly I must make more!!!


Purple Patchwork Cargo Duffel

In the midst of summer, and all it’s fun, I whipped up a Cargo Duffel among other things I have yet to blog about.


I absolutely love it! There will definitely be more of these.


I did make a few changes, which are:

– I used 2 layers of cotton batting in all the pieces of the main part of the bag.

– Linen was my interior fabric, no canvas.

– I added 10 inches to the strap length, I prefer a longer strap.


I also made a matching triple zip (which I made 2 inches longer than the tutorial) for the inside. I used my snap press to attach it to the inside of the bag, that way it can be removed. My secret sister I made it for requested lots of pockets, so I needed to improvise 🙂


I also used a baby corduroy for the bottom of the bag, I really like how this turned out. I really feel like it added more to the bottom, and hopefully it won’t wear out as fast as quilting cotton.


I’m telling you, this one was a little hard to give away. But, she absolutely LOVED it, so that made it much easier!

In September…

I went on my first quilt retreat, awesomeness!!

Sorry, not everyone is pictured.

I turned the big 30. Yea, it wasn’t that big of a deal.

I made my first triple zip. Love it.

I finished my first mystery quilt. Took forever and a day.

I made my first purse, and hope to get the pattern together soon.

I went to find some family members.

I played lots with the cutest kids.

How has the beginning of your fall been??

Atlanta Bound with a New Boxie

I’m pretty excited, my husband and I are headed to Atlanta!

Today we’re driving to my Dad’s to drop off the kids (oh yea!), and tomorrow morning we’re flying out. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever been on a plane with my husband, not that that’s a big deal or anything, just a thought. (and a run on sentence, geez….)

Either way, I love going new places!!

We’re traveling out there because it’s Thirty One’s National Conference, and it’s the first one I’m going to. So very excited! I didn’t go last year because I was only with the company for about 2 months and couldn’t really justify it at that point. But this year it was almost a MUST!

And, what’s a little traveling without some new digs??

I made this beauty to house my knitting project (I can’t travel without a project – or 2).

Followed the (No Guts) Boxie Pouch Tutorial, and I loved it! I did make a few adjustments:
1) I used woven interfacing instead of lightweight. I like pouches with a little more umph. 
2) I cut the pieces for the tabs at 1 1/2 inches by 3 inches instead of 1 by 3. I wanted my tabs a little longer.

Did I mention that it’s the perfect size for my knitting project!

I absolutely love it, and am most definitely making lots more. My oldest daughter has already made a request (requirement is more like it) that I make her one as well.

Most favorite part of this tutorial is that the inside is completely finished – NO unfinished seams!! The inside is so cute, I’m tempted to turn the whole thing inside out and take a picture.

We pulled these fabrics, they’d make some really cute Boxies don’t you think?!

My First Pouch!

Yes, I am a little behind the wagon with cute stuff to make. And, I usually skip the easier things to make in the process of learning a new craft. For whatever reason, I go big or go home (not always intentionally).

Anyway, on to the pouch:

How cute is that??

It is a present for a very special 9 year old in our daughter’s life (aka: her bestie from birth). I asked my daughter what her friend likes: nail polish.

Naturally we just had to make her a cute little pouch to carry these nail polishes in! I hope she loves it, and since she’s not the ‘everything must be pink’ kind of girl I’m thinking these colors are right up her alley.

I used the zipper end cover that Florence at flossieteacakes did on her pouch tutorial (her pouch is adorable!).

I changed this up a bit, and squared off the bottoms so it would sit well with the nail polish in it. I wanted to quilt it, and I think I definitely need to use double batting, or quilt both the outside and the lining. Other than that, I am really excited about making some more!

Very happy with how it turned out.