A Great Gift

You know how there is always someone in your life that gives you the best gifts, and they’re always so humble about it?

Well, this year for Christmas I was given a massive jar of buttons from said person.

Yes, buttons. My 2 youngest and I played in them for at least an hour; matching, sorting, and finding treasures was all too much fun!

Now, I know most of you are thinking ‘a great gift?’, but seriously I was grinning ear to ear. You see, I LOVE buttons. I have another jar with at least this many in it, and another small box with buttons still on cards, and a pint sized jar with one of those boxes of random buttons they sell for crafts at JoAnn’s in it.

You see, I love buttons. There, I said it. The jar is pretty rockin’ too may I add.

I’m hoping tomorrow to make some great things with some of these babies, maybe naptime will be a productive one.

I’ve also been crocheting up a storm lately, it seems to be one of the things I can do to wind down and relieve some ankle/feet swelling at the same time. More on that soon, the crocheting of course.

PS: Sorry that I’ve been MIA for about ohh 2-3 weeks, you see I have 4 children (ages 9, 6, 4, and 2) and they decided to share a bit of a stomach bug. Being pregnant and dealing with that is just not good, not good. Then my computer decided to have it’s own version of the virus. Fun times I tell you.