October’s Welcome Here

There are quite a lot of things that I love about October. I do live in Delaware so the colors can definitely be enough for me to be in heaven most days!

The 10 degree outside temperature drop is definitely a bonus this year with all the heat we had this summer!

October, for our family, always starts with Conference Weekend. The thought of being able to sit on my couch in yoga pants, a fire blazing, and plenty of snacks and watch church on TV most of the weekend is simply glorious! This years Conference was no different than all the others we’ve watched, there was a message for each of us that we needed to hear without even realizing it. There were moments of happy tears, and moment of reflective tears for me (always more tears when there’s a bun in the oven).

Saturday morning before Conference, I took the kids over to my oldest son’s elementary school for their Fall Festival. This is something that the school has been pushing pretty much since the school year started. I have to say, I was rather disappointed. I felt like it was a drive-by yard sale, you know the one that you see fliers for everywhere and even see in the paper then you get there and it isn’t even worth getting out of the car… yea it was a lot like that. They did have a moon bounce, so the kids could’ve cared less about everything else (or the lack there of).

I did get a few good pictures tough.

Dancing, she would NOT go on the moon bounce.

This weekend I also got lots done in the kitchen, which felt so great! I feel like I got my umpf back, finally!! I baked 6 loaves of pumpkin swirl bread, ohh the house smelled so good. Of course, I gave away 5 of them (I don’t need to gain that much weight before the holidays…). And I canned about 5 pounds of dried beans. I know, dried beans store for-e-ver, but I find I hardly ever ever use them when they’re dried. If I’m making a huge batch of something then I might use a pound here or there, but I like to can them (it’s super easy) and I use them up that way for sure. I found the ‘recipe,’ or instructions really, that I use online at a neat site called The Recipe Link, they have a whole section on canning & preserving. It’s got tons and tons of stuff! I’m planning to do another batch of beans this week and hopefully go get my mass of apples to do applesauce too.

Clearly I need to work on taking photos indoors!

For some reason I woke up pretty early both days last weekend. So, Saturday became baking day and Sunday morning I started quilting the Pink n Green Quilt I’m working on for my Mom.

I was originally going to do straight-line quilting for two reasons: 1- it’s much faster than any other type I do, and 2- I thought it would look really nice to echo the white squares that the corners of the snowball blocks made. Didn’t like it. So, I’m going to stipple it, avoiding the white square all-together since only some of them were trimmed so there is 6 layers of fabric in their intersections (yikes).

I quite like how it looks, and of course my photos are horrible because my lighting in the basement is lousy (to put it nicely). I do have lights that focus on my sewing area, but that’s all and it’s just no good for photos.

(This one shows the colors more true)

(And this one shows the quilting better)

Either way, it felt good to get started on quilting this monster. Honestly, I was avoiding it for a few weeks… I know, I know, I need to get cracking on holiday gifts. The thought of quilting another king just wasn’t appealing… can you blame me?


Cook & Tell

This is a great recipe blog that I am privileged to be a co-author of, even though I don’t post here anywhere near as much as I should.

Cook & Tell

Please take a look, I can guarantee that there are recipes that you will LOVE!!


Peppermint Patties

Cranberry Vinaigrette
Blueberry Cinnamon Frozen Yogurt
Croissant Egg Boats

These are only a few of the recipes on Cook & Tell, there are lots lots more!

Could you tell I’m having a craving for sweets right now??

I’ve Decided a Few Things

I think I am just not liking the blue varigated thread on my king sized quilt I’m making for my friend’s wedding. Err. Time to take it out and start over with the quilting… fun times.

Right now I am working on a charity quilt for Anna Maria Horner’s Rainbow Around the Block project. It’s quite cute I think. A couple months ago I ordered a 3 pound cotton remnant assortment from Fabric.com, and I managed to get about 7 or 8 fat quarters that were various shades of brown. Now, I’m not too crazy about brown, but I decided to run with it. I actually bought a few more fat quarters to go along with these, and now I’m making them into a Brick Wall quilt. I’ll put up the pattern once I’ve completed it, very simple though.

I also decided this week that I want to start making my own patterns. All too often I buy a pattern for something, spend lots of time cutting it all out and (mostly) following it’s instructions (I’ve been sewing for about 20 years now, so I am pretty familiar with how most things are made). I guess the only reason I do it is because I’ve been somewhat lazy, or busy/overloaded… who knows. Then the article of clothing doesn’t really fit right, and then the person it’s made for just complains (no names, you know who you are, wink wink).

So, I ordered a few books this week from Amazon (love love that website). 
Here’s what I’m getting:

I got Sew U because sometimes I just have issues with sewing finer knits, lets just stick with “issues”. And, I noticed that Dana over at Made had it as one of her favorite books right now, and she’s just a genius with knits!!

I promise I’ve been productive lately, I even did a project with knits that turned out pretty good. I’m just tired of my horrible photos all taken between 3 and 5 am with even more horrible lighting. I’m hoping to take a naptime this week and head outside to take some pics. Wish me luck…

Friday Find: PickYourOwn.org

This site I chose for this weeks Friday Find isn’t all that pretty, fancy, or interesting. But, it is AWESOME!!

Pickyourown.org is a website that has tons and tons of information on getting and storing local produce.

You can search for local farms all over the USA here.

You can find tips and information on freezing or canning here.

They even have tips for picking, what books to reference or buy, and where to find canning equipment and supplies.

I love this site, especially since if I go to visit family, I can even find farms near them!

Friday Find: Deal Seeking Mom

Yes, I know there are a ba-gillion coupon and savings blogs out there, but I have just recently found this one, and am quite fond. It is the Deal Seeking Mom blog.

This blog has tons of stuff, from indexes of coupons (here) to even matching up coupons you can print from them to the weekly adds of local grocery stores (here). There is even a section/link to free samples you can order from various companies. Can you say awesome?

Not only that, but this site has coupons ranging from Victoria Secret to Go-Gurt. Now, what mom doesn’t need a little of both those things 😉

Friday Find: Bakerella

Oh my goodness. I know that I posted about her Pie on a Stick recently, but seriously, I think I need to make just about everything this woman blogs about!! I do believe I have found someone who has a love for pound cake just about as much as I do. Whomever is behind Bakerella is simply genius!

Just look at some on the things she hast posted about:These “meals” are cupcakes, brownies, and cookies!! I WILL be making these soon (and gaining at least 5 lbs. making/devouring them).

If this were my blog, and I was anywhere near this talented in the desserts arena, I think I would weigh like 300 pounds, and I am not kidding…

Friday Find: Terracycle Inc.

The summer is always a time to keep hydrated, and I bought some Capri Sun juice pouches for a day trip we took a week ago or so. My 1 1/2 year old doesn’t do so great with juice boxes, they become fountains of juice in the car, which really isn’t fun to clean up, thus the idea of trying the pouches.
Not only were they successful, and a big hit with the kids, but I noticed something interesting on the box. Thank goodness that companies are aware of their impact, as far as how their products are disposed of after us. They had an advertisement for a website where they sell products made from Capri Sun pouches, Terracycle. They make small bags, bookbags, lunch bags, folders, and even pencil pouch type things, very cute.

Not only can you buy these goodies, but you can have your kids set up a collection for these pouches at their school and earn $.02 per pouch! How cool is that?!?! I actually can’t wait for my 6 1/2 year old to start 1st grade so I can help her set one up at her school, if they don’t already have one going.

So, check out the site Terracycle.net!!

Fun New Sites

So, I recently stumbled onto a few new websites…

Ravelry is fun, I read about a chick that wants to knit a life-sized giraffe, and another woman knitted with 1000 strands of yarn, it’s on you-tube and all. This woman used logs, smallish ones, but LOGS to knit this thing. Awesome insanity!!!

I was directed to a fellow blogger and her sites/inputs cuteness! Check out Seriously, so blessed!