My First Shot at Fancy Sugar Cookies

Ta Da! I know, my photography is crazy good right?? ha ha ha

I’m not quite so happy with how they turned. I guess I shouldn’t be that bummed, it was my first try.

Anywho, I used the basic cookie recipe from Sweet Sugar Belle and it was fantastic! I have tried to make sugar cookies before, like with a basic cookbook recipe and those easy mixes (none of them were very good). But this recipe is great even by itself. I think if I rolled them thicker they could even be a soft sugar cookie. And, I am definitely a softer cookie kind of girl.

I also used the royal icing recipe from Sweet Sugar Belle. This was fantastic. My dear husband is such a picky person with frosting, he never likes it. Not this one! He said these were the best cookies/frosting. Score one for me right?!

Needless to say, I am so so happy that 90% of the oh about 120 cookies I made are gone! The boys were so happy to pass them out to their friends for their Valentine’s parties at school. (Best Part!)

A little notes for next time:

-Try using 20 second icing instead of piping & flood to put the base color on the cookie.

-Thin my piping frosting just a tad.

-Don’t try cursive, for crying out loud just don’t!

-Let cookies dry 6 hours, not overnight.

-Buy some more bottles so we can do more colors!

I’m thinking that this type of cookie extravaganza won’t be happening in these parts again, there was too much making of the SAME COOKIE. Oh the repetitiveness almost killed me, that and the temporary loss of the ability to hold anything with my right hand. Lol, yea that was fun.

On to quilting!!


Handmade Christmas Gifts Part 3 – Stockings

My brother and his boys really like Charlie Brown, so what else do they need besides some Charlie Brown Christmas stockings??

I used the template from this stocking pattern for the shape of my stockings. I felt like it took me forever to find a template that I liked, and I didn’t want to try again to draw one I liked (I’ve only drawn about 4 in years passed). And, the stockings that my kids have are Whoville stockings from the Grinch that Stole Christmas, so using them as a template seemed kind of silly.

With these stockings I simply free-motion quilted around the pattern on the fabric. The back of all three is the same blue and white stripe.

This Week…

Tuesday brought with it my first (successful) knitting and crochet group. Two good friends came by my place and had their first lessons, one knitting and one crocheting. It was such fun! I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in quite a while.

Between trying to teach 2 completely different things, I did not work on any of my own projects which I really didn’t mind.

Progress is coming along nicely with my ROYGBIV Ripple. I decided I didn’t like the first yellow that I picked, the texture was all wrong. So, after on 3 rows of frogging I was at it again, and much happier with the second choice.

Lots and lots of baking was happening, and apparently Martha was the go-to source for recipes. This week I made:

Chocolate Crackled Cookies
These were great! They are like a cross between a brownie and a cookie, so good!

Cranberry Shortbread
These are a favorite in my family!


Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies (not Martha’s, but Hershey’s)
New recipe for us, but everyone loved them. Definitely a keeper!

My oh my… I don’t need to do much more baking or I’ll need to make myself some mumus to wear (the not-so-pretty ones).

Friday night brought our church Christmas Party (one reason for so many cookies). We had lots of fun. My family along with my in-laws sang ‘Away in a Manger’ together, and I stood the farthest from the mic… I know better than to quit my ‘day job’.  Yes, our youngest is hidden in the back, but this was the best photo.

The best part of this week so far though by far was when my little girl sang ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ at the Christmas Party.

Thankfully today will be an easy one because we’ll be celebrating this guy’s birthday!

Nothing like tons of family around, and hopefully I get lots of photos.

Tons Of Tutorials – Make Your Own Christmas Stockings

It’s the last day of November, so Christmas crafting is either in full force or completely done for each of us and I’m sure someone out there needs to whip up a stocking or two to deck their halls with.

If, by chance, you don’t have a need for some stockings then head over to Purple Panda Quilts because Lyanna (I KNOW, how amazing that she’s got the same name as me!) does an annual stocking drive for foster children from October 1 to December 1. There are lots and lots of tutorials on her site as well.

Here is a compilation of TONS of different ways to create a stocking (quilting, sewing, crochet, and knit), from vintage-y to modern styles.

All but one pattern is FREE!

Each link takes you to the pattern for stocking, or if you want to be extra creative you can just use one of these as a template to create the shape you like and use whatever you have/want.


Scrap Stocking @ Maggie Makes

Christmas Stocking @ Stamp*Stitch*Create (bought pattern)

His and Her Scrappy Christmas Stocking @ Moda Bakeshop


Recycled Sweater Stocking @ The Long Thread

Rick Rack Stocking @ Martha Stewart

Jingle Bell Stockings @ Martha Stewart

Recycled Wool Stocking from Scraps @ Resweater


Zig Zag Stocking by Vicki Howell @

Personalized Knitted Christmas Stockings @ Canadian Living

“Basic Sock” Christmas Stocking @ Pickin’ and Throwin’
Both Crochet & Knit Patterns @


Waiting for Santa Stocking @ Red Heart

Holly & Berry Stockings @ Red Heart

Free Christmas Stocking Pattern By HolyJeans30

Happy Crafting!

Holiday Crafting In Full Force

How many of you are cranking away at all your holiday crafts?

I’m pretty impressed with myself so far, a little pat myself on the back I know….

Usually December 1st rolls around, I watch it pass, and I still haven’t actually started any of the projects I have lined up as gifts.

Not this year folks!

Here are 2 blocks I’ve finished towards a gift, and since I’m not putting any more blocks into the project I feel like I’ve passed a milestone within it. They’re both the same block, a Star of Hope, and the green came out a little darker in the photo.

Hoping this one will be done by tomorrow.

I’ve already finished up making PJ pants for each of my boys and their Build A Bear guys (hoping those ones fit… making a pattern from something so tiny was a little different).

Also, on the hook this week is the first scarf (of hopefully a lot) I’ll be donating to a local charity that gives tons of stuff to the needy. I’m thinking a few hats and maybe some mittens will be in order too, just depends.

I can’t remember the name of it at the moment, it’s kind of a long one. But, they give bookbags with school supplies in the end of summer, hats scarves & gloves in the beginning of winter, and many other things to needy children locally throughout the year. A friend from church is a big part of it, so it’s nice to be able to give her stuff as I make it.

Yesterday I got 10 Simplicity patterns for $1 each. Seeing that I saved $139.87 printed on the bottom of my receipt was like winning the lottery! Oh it was great I tell ya. I only got 10 patterns, and some 1/2 off candy corn (of course), so almost all of that savings was on patterns. It’s absolutely ridiculous how much patterns cost sometimes.

I’m planning on making the PJ dresses for my girls, some bow ties for the boys, and my oldest daughter and I will work on a coat for her doll for Christmas. I’m really looking forward to all the sewing to come!

I even found a great pattern that will make a cute dress for me that I’m hoping will work great for the pregnant belly and even after wards, it’s #2660.

Linked up with Our Creative Spaces, please check out the site it’s pretty awesome.

Tons of Tutorials – Make Your Own Easter Basket

*edited to add another tutorial, at the end*

I have been considering making Easter Baskets for my kids for a while, since we all know how much room traditional ones take up. We have regular baskets for ours, the wicker-type kind, and they are huge.

I wanted to be lazy and just use a pattern to make them instead of actually thinking and making my own. It happens…

So, what’s a girl to do?

Google ‘Fabric Easter Basket Tutorial’ of course!

Here’s what I found:

There’s so many to choose from!

Fabric Easter Basket Tutorial, Me and Madeline

Fabric Basket, Pink Penguin

Easter Basket, Distressed

Via Moda Bake Shop

How to Make a Fabric Basket,

Easter Basket, jcarolinecreative

Woven Recycled Easter Basket, Resweater

Coiled-Rag Basket,

Recycled Wool Easter Basket, Resweater