Free Weekly Calender Printable

I figured out how to share my document, go me! (’bout time right??? hee hee) Still not quite how I wanted it to look in the post though… working on it.

Here’s the link:

So feel free to print it out and use it to help you stay sane. It only helps though, no guarantees. *wink wink*


Busy Bee

This morning was one of those lovely morning when I woke up at about 3:30am. Went to the bathroom (being pregnant is wonderful), and then went back to my bed (fell asleep in my littlest boys bed). I tried and tried to fall back asleep, but my mind was anything but tired.

I was creating a mental list of things at 3 something in the am, that’s how my brain works sometimes.

What is a mommy to do?

Well, for starters, the smell of fresh bread was in the back of my mind, so here’s what was for breakfast today:

This little heel was all that was left of my ham & cheese bread. Next time I’m thinking much more ham & cheese, I’m talking gooey.

I also have quite a UFO list, and an even longer list of projects that I want to get done. Thankfully I was able to cross a total of 4 things off those 2 lists.

The first item being the sashiko sampler that I have been planning on turning into a pillow cover.

I am planning on adding a few buttons to keep the flaps on the back closed up nicely. Other than that she’s done. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I didn’t want to take away from the sampler, but didn’t want a boring back either and I think I nailed it.

In my opinion, one can never have too many pillows. How many pillows do you have on your couch? On your bed? I have an L-shaped couch from IKEA, the Ektorp one I think, and I’ve got 7 to 9 pillow on it in addition to the cushions. I think there’s about 8 pillows on my King-sized bed, and none of them are just decorative. I heart pillows, even have a pinterest board just for pillows. Clearly I need to add some more to it….

The other 3 things were: making a pair of leggings for my Little L from a shirt that was way too short for me, mend a pair of yoga pants for Miss A, and make PJ pants for a little boy who is a good friend of the family. I’ll get a photo of this guy in his pants soon, I can bet it will be a good one, he’s quite a character!

To top all of this off, I actually put together a post about it and on the same day to boot, with pictures.

Ok, can I go take a nap now??

But first, check out some more of our creative spaces.

Living Room & Sewing Area: Progress

It’s green! I’m finally done painting, and it feels great!!

It is very green though… and I quite like it.

What do you think?

We have a large mirror to place above the fireplace, and we need to separate the bookshelves on the left wall of the room to fit the piano in the middle. After some covering of the tv cables we’ll be done.

After renting for what felt like an eternity, it is so very very nice to have color on the walls and know I won’t have to paint it sooner than later.

Another fantastic new area for dear old me is my sewing area.

It is a huge work in progress! I’m hoping to be done with it soon, but it seems like there are so many things I have yet to do. (I was standing on the stairs trying to get a decent picture, no luck)

I still need to:
-hang my Gutterman thread box organizer
-find a carpet I like that’s not an arm and a leg
-finish putting my quilting fabric on my mini-bolt things, got the idea at Smashed Peas & Carrots
-organize my pre-cuts (those bought and made)
-buy a cutting table from IKEA (and reassemble my drawers to fit under)
-do something about the overall lighting, I have plenty at the table but…
-find a new home for the extra carseats in the corner, and the stack of bins on the right.

I think I’ve forgotten something I wanted to do with the space… oh well… you get the point though.

*Side note: I’m thinking of using those shutter doors for something, not sure what yet, but I can feel it, and it’s gotta be good.

I’m just glad to finally have it all in one place. I was amazed to see how much fabric I really have once I dug it all out of the million closets it was previously living. No really… it was almost funny.

Believe it or not, there are 100 different fabrics on that shelf, and I ordered more comic book boards because I had at least 20 more fabrics to put up there, see the stack? (Hopefully my dear husband isn’t reading this, hahaha).

So, what does your sewing area look like?

Have you been stashing fabrics throughout the closets in your home like I did? Maybe that was my way to keep my husband from seeing all the fabric I have, especially when a few choices boxes arrive in the mail occasionally. Maybe subconsciously? I hope.

Bombastic Weekend

Over the weekend I had the pleasure to attend one of the finest weddings on this side of the Mississippi. For reals guys.

Just look at this bride with her father walking her down the isle:

I don’t think she could’ve been any happier!!

Thankfully she got married relatively close to my hometown, so naturally we stayed the weekend with my Dad. Good cookin’, as usual!

On Sunday we went to visit with some of my family, and they were cleaning out their parents garage. Of course they offered for us to take anything we wanted since they were getting rid of just about all of it. Man I scored big!!

Among the items I got were some beautiful picture frames, 3 lamps, some chachkies, and a toddler bed.

Now, even though I have 4 kids, we have never owned a toddler bed before, I always felt like they were too much money for such a short time of use and not quite a necessity like a crib. We just went from crib to twin for each of the kids so far.

Oh my does our youngest love her bed!!

Just look at her.

Thanks so much for the bed Diane, Julie & Craig!!


So, even though I feel like I’ve somewhat fallen off the ‘being creative’ wagon for a bit, I actually have been working on things from long ago in the to-do list.

For example, I finally made a hair bow holder for the girls room:

There are tutorials all of the place for these, but they are so easy to make or even to explain how to make. Since there are lots of colors on my girls walls, well only 3 but still, I decided to make one that’s white on white and I love how it turned out!

I bought a picture frame from a yard sale, spray painted it white (with a clear coat on top for durability). Then I cut a piece of cardboard to fit, mod podged some white paper on it since I used eyelet, I didn’t want the brown to show through. I cut a piece of fabric about 2 inches wider and taller than the cardboard, and mod podged it on (no topcoat). Lastly, I cut some ribbon a few inches longer than the long side of the cardboard, hotglued in place, and presto! Done and done.

And to think, I had thought about making the girls some more bows for Easter…. I think I would like to make another one of these, but with an oval frame next time. Maybe we could put the fancier bows on that one, and keep the more daily ones on this one. We shall see.

Another in the works project that we’ve been working on is finishing up the living room. I love love finally having our own house, and feeling like I can paint the entire thing (and not have to repaint soon). Here’s what it looks like at this very moment:

My husband moved the TV over to the right wall, and we moved my sewing table and all it’s glory downstairs last night. We stood there looking at what felt like a naked wall now. We’re thinking that we’ll move the smaller bookshelf from the other wall and put it in the corner, we’ll get another to balance the wall. But, we’re also thinking of getting some high-back chairs as well. I’m so happy!

Here’s some ideas of chairs I’m lovin:

Ikea Stolkholm, multicolored

San Rafael Chair, Pier 1

Mitchell Armless Swivel-Green Floral, Target

Josette Chair, Pier 1

Cadman Puzzle Chair, Pier 1

Temani Chair, Pier 1

Banana Chair, Pier 1

I think my most favorite are the Mitchell Chair from Target and the Banana Chair from Pier 1.

What do you think?

Yellow Cream & Sugar or White Sink?

What has been the best part of this past week in my end of the world you ask?

Well, I’m not entirely sure actually…

We’ve been up to so much this week, when it rains it pours around here, come to think of it maybe that’s the only way my husband and I know how to do things. Like Crazy, haha.

Last Saturday we went to church for our Primary’s Easter Activity. They did a few crafts, had some cupcakes, and of course an egg hunt. This is the cream of the crop as far as my success with taking pictures went:

Next came our some what last minute decision to redo part of the kitchen, um like now. We wanted to change almost everything about our kitchen when we first moved in.

Can you blame us? The dark red wallpaper in the photo below is just the beginning of the hideousness. Once I find the photos I took of our kitchen before we touched it, I promise I’ll post them.

My husband got some counter-top for dirt cheap, not exactly my cup of tea but we could definitely work with it considering how cheap we got it. And, of course I had to get a white sink, wishing the whole while it was a ginormous farmer’s sink (next house…). It fits beautifully though, and I think anything else wouldn’t really work with the size of our kitchen.

Isn’t is soo purty?? Just ignore what’s on the wall behind the sink, we’ll get to the back-splash, hopefully soon. Wow my cabinet looks dirty….

I also had a little time to do some thrifting this week, BOO-YA!! Oh how I love thrift store shopping, minus 4 kids of course, but had no such luck with this week’s trip.

We were on a hunt for jeans and church pants for my older son (somehow he grew about 4 inches overnight… I know, it happens), found quite a few pairs, and of course something else too.

Check these out:

Oh man, I was so cyked to find these. They called out to me from the shelf they were on. I love that they’re yellow, and especially that they are flat-sided.

Can’t you just picture them with cream and marshmallows just waiting for a hot chocolate social?!

Another FANtastic part of this week was that I finished piecing the first of my 5 quilts for the custom order I’m working on. Got the whole thing quilted during yesterdays nap time (thank you God for nap time, again).

I quite like how it turned out.

That was my awesome week, how was yours?

Modge Podged Magazine Storage

We all know how awesome Mod Podge is right?

Well, if you haven’t played worked with this stuff yet, you should really give it a try. It’s pretty fun.

I covered some cardboard magazine holders I got from IKEA a while back, they were pretty cheap and just white cardboard, ie: boring.

Here’s my supplies:

I pretty much painted a thin layer of Mod Podge on the cardboard, pre-assembly, and layed the paper on top.

Let dry, then applied another coat of the Mod Podge on top. The paper I used was really textured, and all that still showed with the Mod Podge over it.

They look so bright in this photo…

Now I have some lovely storage for our thin books and magazines on my lovely/overfilled bookcases. Hopefully we can get the last 2 bookcases soon.

Wow, I can’t believe I just shared that photo… messy messy.

There is an awesome site called Mod Podge Rocks that has tons and tons of tutorials & links to some pretty cool projects. The possibilities are pretty endless.

Yesterday was a Big One

Here goes:

I finished building the 2 billy bookcases and the besta cabinet I got from IKEA. (woohoo)

I finished the Zig-Zag quilt, now I just need to wash it to it’s crumply softness.

And, I decided that today was the day to start moving all the storage out of where my sewing area will be. (scary scary)

All of this whilst taking care of 2 little ones with a stomach bug, poor things.

I did realize this morning, while moving some of the storage stuff around, that I still have 2-3 boxes from when we moved into this house that I am still not sure exactly what’s in them. I have dubbed them the ‘mystery boxes’. I think it’s kinda amazing that I still have boxes that are full of who-knows-what a year and a half later.

Anyone else have that problem??

What a Great Weekend

Yes, it’s Tuesday, and I’m finally getting my post up about this weekend…

What can I say, I took a day trip yesterday = no time for posting.

I’m not sure if there are many more places worth having a day trip to besides the best, IKEA. Oh yea, I went and only took 2 kids! Does that count for exercise this week?? I’d like to think so.

I guess I’m kinda doing this backwards, cause I’m gonna start with yesterday and move back through the weekend.

I bought lots of awesomeness at IKEA yesterday, I think my most favorite purchase was the fabric I picked up:

Isn’t it just beautiful?! I only know for sure what I’m going to do with one of them, and that’s the tree print. It will make an awesome Rollie Pollie for the boys room, the colors are perfect! Who knows what the other 2 fabrics will become, maybe some totes for summertime, maybe some awesome fabric boxes for storage on our shelves, or maybe…

I also picked up a new bunk-bed for the boys room, the 2 twins were just taking up so much space.

Next on the list to pick up was some more billy bookcases for the living room, and a cabinet for our entertainment stuff, cable box, ps3, wii, a dvd/vhs player, and all the controllers/etc. that go along with them. I ended up getting this (ours only has 2 sections instead of 3):

(Photo from IKEA website. Click here to go to page)

That was it for IKEA, you should’ve seen all this fit into my MPV. Oh my, the man who was working outside just picked up the boxes like they were just a sack of flour. If only he could’ve come home to help me unload.

Sunday was great! The Superbowl was a good one this year. I am glad that the Packers won. What a sore loser the Steelers coach is!! I was a little shocked actually.

Pre-Superbowl, I finished quilting my orange and gray zig-zag quilt. I love LOVE it! I just echo quilted the zig-zag seams, one row of stitching on either side. It is so exciting to see the progress you can make in a quilt in only one afternoon.

Sunday morning brought Church meetings. I really enjoy Fast Sundays, the testimonies that some people share are simply amazing! I love getting the kids dressed up all cute too.

Saturday was a doosie this week. Wes has been sick since Friday, I think he ended up with the flu somehow. Poor guy. He even had to go work on remodeling his parents bathroom, he promised them, so he felt he needed to go even though his pillows in bed were calling. He got all the tiles laid, and it looks great.

The kids and I went off to Sam’s Club where I feel like I spent millions… gees. There’s just so much to buy there, and I’m only even thinking of food. They were having an evalue coupon on their chicken breast, so I bought an extra 2 packs and canned them. I absolutely LOVE home-canned chicken breast, I won’t even touch the store-bought canned chicken anymore. Seriously.

I’ll be posting later this week about how I do my chicken, so easy.

I hope you’re weekend was just as packed-full of fun as ours was!