Goings of the New Year

I am typing this while ‘watching a movie’ with the kids. In case you don’t have 5 kids, that means saying “sit down and watch” at least 50 times… no really. Maybe tonight will be an early bedtime kind of night.

To completely change the subject, what are your thoughts/feelings about New Year’s resolutions?

Honestly, I think it’s dumb. Just make a goal and keep it. What magic does January 1st have? How many people really keep resolutions anyway?

Now that I’ve said my peace about New Year’s resolutions, wanna hear my challenge for the new year. (you like how I did that? hahaha!)

I am commiting to the ‘take a photo every day for a year’ challenge! And, naturally I decided I wanted to it at 10pm on January 1st (enter photo of browning bananas, uh huh). I have come to realize that there will be days with lame lame photos, but I guess that’s ok cause some days are a little lame (laundry days mostly).

There are those days when there are photos like this one though!

My boys need more bowties! It’s officially official.


Wanna See My Mean Face?

This is our little girl’s mean face lately. She will make it if you ask her, but it’s much funnier to see when she really means it.

Ahh, much better.

Lets just say that I played with my new camera outside today.

We were heading out for the library, and it was just too beautiful outside.

So, I popped on my mega lens and the UV filter, and Ta-Da!

I actually ‘look’ like I can take nice pictures now. (none have been photoshoped or edited, don’t have photoshop yet)

A few days ago I played with the camera inside, at night. Not good. I realize now that I have horrible lighting in my house… pretty much.

Now I just need to figure out this watermark thing, among many others.

I Got Spoiled This Year!

Being the Mom usually means that you sacrifice everything and anything for your family. It’s definitely a willing sacrifice, but a sacrifice none the less. And this year’s birthday was surprisingly far from that!!

My birthday is this week, and my family celebrated this past Saturday. It was nice to have a party that was for our youngest son and me! We got most of the family together, which is all I really think is important for having a successful birthday party.

Some of out awesome friends lent us a 10 foot inflated water slide so we could burn some of the kids energy, and of course they all loved it!

Ok, so lets get to the goods!

This is what I got for my Birthday!!

Nikon D3000 – Source

How awesome is that?!?! I have been wanting a camera like this for about… uh… 4 years or so. And, I’m no photographer, so this is a fantastic entrance into ‘fancy camera’ territory!

I also got this amazing lens:

Tamron AF 70-300mm – Source

And a pack of filters. The only thing that I didn’t get was the memory card (no one realized it did come with the camera). haha. So, I’ll be ordering one on Newegg.com (best prices I’ve found) and then I get to play with my new toy, oh I mean camera.

Sooo excited!!!

If anyone knows of any good photography how-to info online, or any awesome tips/tricks please pass them along!!

Can You See My New Colors?

Let me first start by saying that Photobucket is quite amazing these days. Indeed.

I decided that it was time for a new coat of paint on the old blog, do you like?

I started with this photo of a really cool spiderweb covered in dew that I took a few summers ago in West Virginia:

Then, I cropped it to be 990 pixels by 400 pixels, this seems to be the best fit for my header. Then I added some text to the photo:

I liked it, but they have these newer advanced editing toys, uh I mean tools, for color editing under the ‘effects’ tab. I had a lot of fun pushing all the different options just to see what I got, here are a few:

Blueprint Option
Bronze Option
Invert Option

It was really hard to choose! And the one I went with finally was what I got from using the Pop Art option:

Oh how fun photo editing is. Now I just need a better camera to play with too.