One of the best kept quilting secrets – HST paper!

Ok, I seriously feel like the super nerdy kid that came across something that made me popular enough to join the ‘cool kids’ crowd!

How come no one smacked me over the head with this stuff??

I mean, I’d heard about paper piecing, but never tried it.

HST paper is a piece of paper, or a document that you print onto paper, that you pin to fabric that is right sides together. You then sew on the sewing lines, and cut on the cutting lines when you are done sewing. You end up with x amount of HSTs that are fantastically accurate and symmetrical. AND, you didn’t have to fidget with tons of little triangles if you want a small finished HST.

Let me go back to the beginning.

I joined a mystery quilt thing with my local guild last summer. We got 3 different steps for cutting and piecing before we got the final block placement for the quilt.

The excitement for my first mystery quilt was huge!

Step one, knocked out in no time.

Step two: cut strips 2 3/8″ wide and cut into squares, then into triangles and make 96 – 1 1/2″ HST (Half Square Triangles).

That means 192 – 2 3/8″ squares people.

Yea, ain’t gonna happen….

So, there it sat, patiently waiting. I received step three at the following guild meeting. There it still sat. I even got the last step (in an envelope, as not to temp me). There it sat. There was even a show and tell for this mystery quilt (yea, there goes the surprise… funny thing is I’ve already forgotten what the final quilt looks like… haha). And it still sat.

Then I decided to actually read the pattern beyond the cutting instructions (novel idea really…). Well, there was an alternative method… HST PAPER!!


…Face plant…

Know how long it takes to sew 108 HST with the paper???

Less than an hour, that includes: getting on your computer, printing the paper, trimming it, cutting the large pieces of fabric, pinning, a few text messages, a dirty diaper, and a bathroom break.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, HST Paper is FANTASTIC!!

You should go try it out.

Go get a free download for 9 different sizes that you can print from home at Quilting and What Not.

Here’s a few ideas of what you could make with just a few HSTs:

1. Finished”>”>Finished Field Study half-square triangle chevron quilt
2. Triangles”>”>Triangles Bag
3. Half”>”>Half Square triangle cushions
4. half-square”>”>half-square triangle placemats
5.“>{ geometric squares quilt }
6. Chevron”>”>Chevron Half Square Triangle Values Quilt and Pillow
7. Triangle”>”>Triangle Patch Box Pouch
8. Innocent”>”>Innocent Crush Patchwork Pillow Cover


What’s your silly shopping weakness?

Now, this is pretty broad question, so let me explain.

I love school supplies.

I love to buy cases of said school supplies during awesome back-to-school sales, even when they are not on ‘the list’.

I have been seen buying cases of:

-New Pencils
-Composition Books
-School Activity Books
-Glue Sticks
-Construction Paper

and many more…

Who can turn down the deals? (obviously not me) And besides, those types of things will get used in a household of six.

Don’t get me wrong, I can easily buy tons of other stuff too, but this is one of those things that just gets me all excited, almost giddy. Giddy like a 2 year old who picked her entire outfit on her birthday.

Supply shopping has always been my favorite part of going back to school.

So, like I said before, what’ your silly weakness?

Pick Your Own Friuts/Veggies

It is coming up on the time of year for FRESH LOCAL PRODUCE!!! YEAAA!

The best website I have found for information on local pick your own farms is: So, go out there and support your local farmers (call first, some places may have gone out of business).

My family very much so enjoys going a picking fruits and veggies. The little ones don’t quite get it yet, but we all have lots of fun! And, we get to come home and can or freeze everything we won’t eat that week or so. Honestly, this is the most rewarding part of our adventures. We end up with things like: homemade jams, sauces, drink mixes, and much more!

My book that I live by as far as canning goes is:


I have been waiting and waiting for my snap press to arrive, and it FINALLY has!! YEEEAAAA!!! Here it is, isn’t it beautiful?!?!

And, of course, I couldn’t wait to play with it!! Since I always like to do at least one trial run with new toys, I decided to make one of my son’s velcro diapers into a snap one. He knows how to take off the velcro ones anyway, so we kinda needed a solution for that one…. 🙂 So, onto the chopping block went a Blueberry dipe, I love love these ( I just wasn’t feelin the velcro anymore.It turned out rather well, and, it fits great! The little Pooka can’t even get it off now!! Score 1 for Mom 🙂

Happy-Dance Time

Let me first start by saying, I love The Beatles! I grew up listening to them all the time with my Dad, one of my most favorite things from being a kid.

I was doing a little browsing of fabrics online the other day and came across this:

(bear with me, I still need to learn a bit more about links on blogger)

Can you imagine my excitement?!?! BEATLES FABRIC!!!! AHHHHH!!!

I haven’t ordered any yet for fear of ordering all that they have in stock :D. But, I’ve been thinking about what I can do with such fabric, and oh good gracious!!!


To any of you who cloth diaper, and know about me and my stash, I have a little of everything, and love different dipes for different reasons…

With that being said, I have a NEW favorite!!! It’s a……. DIAPER CHANGE!!! The one and only thing that I don’t like about these diapers is that they are sized, that’s IT! Other than that, they are awesome, and come in the MOST adorable prints!!

So, if you are wanting to get some sized dipes that ROCK, try a Diaper Change: or

We have one that has a baseball print, not too GN, I know, but it’s baseball!!! Maybe the new little girl (coming in June) will get a few for her arrival…

My Snap Press

My snap press is ordered and ON ITS WAY!!! I am SO excited!!! I ordered it at

So, now my OBV, suedecloth, PUL, and super cute prints for the outside that I have been waiting to make OS diapers with we be getting cut up and ready!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

I think I may have to turn some of my aplix dipes I bought into snap ones to get used to using the press though.


My New-found Excitement!

So, even though I am due with my 4th child in June, there are other things for me to be excited about lately!

For instance, I have just recieved a very nice new sewing machine that my loving husband has provided for me! My very FIRST new machine!! All the others have been hand-me-downs or purchased rehabs. But this one even came in a box! How exciting?!?! I was excited just reading the manual yesterday!

Secondly, my new-found love for FOE (Fold Over Elastic)! Oh, this stuff is so versatile! I woke up early this morning just thinking of all that I can do with this stuff, and my new machine. I feel like a kid at Christmas! Thanks to words from a woman at , and all her links, I am even more excited about FOE!!!