Thirty One Quilts

I started selling Thirty One bags almost 4 years ago now. I love it! Love the company, products, events, I could go on and on.

With each new catalog, we consultants have the opportunity to get fabric swatches of the cute new fabrics. As a quilter/crafter I’ve always thought it would be fun to make a quilt with these swatches as a memento of my time with the company.

Of course, I wasn’t the only one with this idea. A friend of mine who also used to be a Thirty One consultant asked me to make a quilt for her daughter, thus the first quilt came about.


I recently had the opportunity to make more swatch quilts, and here’s one I finished just a few months ago.


And now, I on to my third quilt. It’s so fun to see these prints and swatches turn into come cute and useful! (Sorry, awful basement photo)



Jacob’s Ladder Block

This is a quick tutorial for a vintage block with lots of possibilities!


These blocks finish at 8 inches (AKA- jellyroll scrap friendly). Also, I made more than one block at a time so that I could switch around my HSTs (half square tringles) blocks to get a scrappy look.


For each block you will need:

4 – 2 1/2 in squares color A (warm colors in photo)

4 – 2 1/2 in squares background (low volume in photo)

2 – 5 1/2 in squares one color B and one background (color B is cool color)


First, I made the HSTs. To do this, draw a line diagonally across the back of the background (low volume) square that is 5 1/2 in. Then, sew 1/4 in away along both sides of the line you just drew.


Then, cut along the line, and press the HSTs towards the dark fabric. Trim each HST to 4 1/2 in square.

Next, make two 4 square blocks using the 2 1/2 in squares. Press. Here’s what things should look like:


Next, just sew these 4 smaller blocks together to get your finished Jacob’s Ladder block.


This is a great block to burn through different sized scraps, so go ahead and ATTACK your scraps!


To make a larger block, simply cut the pieces larger using:

4 – 3 1/2 in squares color A

4 – 3 1/2 in squares background

2 – 7 1/2 in squares, one color B and one background.

Using the same instructions as above you will have a finished 12 in block.

7 Down… and counting

What were you doing at 3am this morning?

Me, oh, I was just very awake thanks to my 2 1/2 year old. He awoke (I think, not sure if all this happened in his sleep…) at 1:30 this morning and began to talk very loudly about completely random things. Honestly, I can’t even really remember what he said, but I do remember it was loud and kinda funny. Funny until I saw that it was 1:30 and I knew there was no shot at me going back to sleep. Sigh.

What did I do you ask??

Well, after I laid in be for almost an hour praying to go back to sleep, I decided it was a lost cause and got up. I went downstairs and cranked out this quilt top:


Oh, I love it!

I rarely use brown, it’s just not a color I gravitate to. I have made an entirely brown quilt before (once), but it worked for me.


But this, oh I’m smitten.

And, today was such a perfect day out that I just had to take some photos of my growing pile.


This is what 7 quilt tops and 5 backings looks like, in case you were wondering. Been working on these since April, yes April. I knew that there would be little to no sewing time this summer, and for once I tried planning ahead!

Now, lets see if I actually get these finished when I need to….


Something I can Share!

I’ve been doing lots of secret sewing this year, between swaps, gifts, and getting ready for Christmas, I simply haven’t had much I could share which has been a real bummer.

This has been my leader/ender project for a little while now, and I LOVE it!


Leader/ender projects are nothing new, just google it and a bunch of really beautiful projects will come up, even a few books.

I simply used 2in squares for the centers, then bordered with 1 1/2in strips, then again with 2 1/2in strips. These are some of the pieces I cut my scraps up into as I am cutting for other projects. I have a box for each different ‘scrap busting’ piece and I just sort everything into it’s box when I’m done cutting for each project. That way I can just grab a box and cut out the pieces for my next leader/ender.


Here’s what I used for each block: 2in square; and two of each of these rectangles: 1 1/2in x 2in, 1 1/2in x 4in, 2 1/2in x 4in, 2 1/2in x 8in.

I cut everything at once and put all my pieces into a dish. Then, I completed one step for ALL blocks before moving to the next piece to add. It was much much easier for me this way, and easier to stay on track/keep organized.


These blocks end up at 7 1/2in finished. I did 48, so this quilt is 45in by 60in. It’ll be a great baby quilt!

My next one will just be a postage stamp quilt, there’s a QAL on Instagram #scrappypostagestampQAL (I’m bluestripedroom). I’ll be using my 2in squares, I still have a ton of them after this one.


3 down, too many to go

I started this post about a million times in my head, but nothing seemed right. You see, it’s summer break for us right now and I have 5 children, well 6 if you count my husband (joking…).

All the traveling, pool days, gardening, canning, playgrounds, and rainy video game days just take a toll on a mother’s brain. My abilities to do much else seem to be weaning as of late.

I was successful to sneak in a little sewing time this week and I finished another Christmas quilt top in only a week. I feel like doing the happy dance, fabric pulling to quilt top in one week guys!


It’s funny how every single photo I took of this quilt looked washed out as a whole, and yet there is a lot of color in it see:


It does feel good to have three quilt tops done though! Is July really almost over??


Am I Really Sewing for Christmas in June??

Yes, yes I am.

And, it feels awesome!


I’m doing my first ‘rows’ quilt. Gotta make a cool quilt for a cool person right??



Right now I’ve got three rows done, and two more are about half done. I can’t believe I started this a little over a week ago and the top is almost finished!

My plan is coming along nicely. Sorry, there won’t be any full quilt reveals till after Christmas. You understand right??

Surprisingly, this is my second quilt top for Christmas that I’ll get to cross off the list! Oh yea!

Maggie’s Quilt

I finally finished a quilt this year… feels like it took forever.

I used the Summer In The Park tutorial by Missouri Quilt Company.

It was really quick, and easy. My favorite part is the scrappy binding, that will definitely be happening again!

In fact, I’m thinking it would look great in brights & low volumes, or maybe even super bright jewel tones (throw in some of that radiant orchid while we’re at it).

I did stippling for the quilting, not very dense at all. This may have been my fastest quilting too, did it in one afternoon!

The back is quite boring, just using up some leftover brown, and a light brown floral.

Even though these colors aren’t my first choice, the lady I made it for loves it. Yay!

Well Hello January

This year came in with a ‘ho-hum’ in our home. Only my husband stayed up to see the ball drop. Sick and recovering kids makes for somewhat boring holidays. No worries, everyone is much better now and it seems like we’ve all finally got a little spunk back in our step.

Now that I’m done dealing with something that lasted for the better part of last year I finally feel like I’m back to my usual self again and it is GREAT!

Three posts in one week, holy smokes!

On to the goods though, I’m going to join up with the Lovely Year Of Finishes thing going on over at Fiber of All Sorts again this year. Yea, I tapered off around July last year, just couldn’t hang anymore with everything else going on. It happens that way sometimes.

I have this lovely stack of quilts (up there ^ ) that only one of them actually got quilted and bound last year (the Bargello), so my January goal is to quilt the scrappy one in the pile AND bind it. Oh yea, done and done it shall be! Here is it, but I did add two wide stripes to the top and bottom (left and right in photo) – sorry for the basement photo with toys included, but that’s the way we roll.

This year has got to be more awesome than last year. I mean, there were a lot of totally rockin times last year, I just want to figure out how to do that more days than not this year. Wish me luck!

What are your project goals for this month?

Disappearing 4-Patch Tutorial – Attack Your Scraps

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been in a funk for quite some time now, months really. You would think that spending so much time with family over all the holidays would’ve helped pull me out of it. I have been so very blessed to spend a lot of time with family lately!!

Truth be told, I was simply on a medication to help manage nerve pain and it turned me into a Zombie. I’m thinking I’ll just have an advantage when the Zombie Apocalypse comes. Hahaha….

Today was the very first time I’ve woken up at 5am and gotten out of bed (for something other than just to pee) since about August. When you have 5 kids that’s usually one of the only times you have to sew: when the little people sleep.

I wanted to play with something simply, but that would also have an awesome end product. I think I hit the nail on the head!

This is simply a version of a disappearing 4-patch:

Being lazy, uhh I mean being productive to use leftover 5 inch charm squares, I ended up with an 8 inch block.

I love how it turned out!

Want to make some?? It’s super super easy, I mean 5 am easy.

Start with a 4 patch, or two if you’re going for super scrappy:

Using your ruler, cut 1 inch from the center 4 times. After I cut the first time, I just turned my mat (or ruler) and cut the next one, etc. It was very very helpful to have a small mat to cut on & rotate. Like so:

Swap around the parts however you like. For example:

Before swap:

After swap:

I picked up the triangle parts in the middle of the sides and swapped those between the 2 blocks. Then I grabbed the center piece, turned it 180 degrees, and swapped it between blocks also. (I love love how they turned out.)

Then sew and press and ta-da!

See, SUPER easy!! And, you can start with any size squares for the 4 patch, you’ll just end up with a different size finished block. Can we say pre-cut AND scrap friendly! Oh Yea!

One of the reasons I find scrappy quilts so cool is the juxtaposition of modern prints next to vintage-y florals and such, like that green log print next to the brown floral. I just love it!

Edited to add:  I would LOVE to see any blocks/projects you create with this tutorial! Feel free to join & share in my Flickr group: Inspired by BlueStripedRoom.

Double Sized Bargello – FINISHED!

This beauty has been mostly done for a little while now, but since it was a gift I just had to wait to post about it. I absolutely love giving a homemade gift!!

I followed the Bargello pattern in the book ‘Stash-Buster Quilts’ by Lynne Edwards, but did some adjusting. I doubled the width and length of each piece/row in the quilt, so ended up with less blocks and a different final dimension. For my first bargello, I quite like it!

This book is pretty cool, I originally bought it just for the Japanese Folded Patchwork Bag pattern, it’s an amazing looking bag (still need to make one).

The top for this was put together when I was on the retreat back in September. It was done in 2 days! A new record! And who doesn’t love a good scrappy stripe through the back??

Also, I did the quilting with both red and grey thread, doing the red on the prints with red and the grey on the prints with white/black. I really really like how it turned out, I’m definitely doing it again!