Welcoming Warmer Weather

Ahh, this wonderful weather has been pulling everyone outside, and away from their bogs.

We have been weeding and preparing our gardens for planting. My youngest daughter (who is 2 1/2) just loves to help in the dirt, and I am ever thankful for it. I’m hoping to get some peas, beets, and sugar snap peas planted tomorrow. The tomatoes need to get started inside this week too.

My brother came to visit three weeks ago and we planted some herb seeds while he was here. They are sprouting up quite nicely! I haven’t had an herb ‘garden’ before (we planted about 3 or 4 together in one large pot) and am very excited to have my very own fresh herbs on hand! I had been thinking about making a cute shelf to hold mason jars with herbs in them, but had been pushing to project off. When I told my brother this he said something like – just put one together now, if you haven’t done the other one yet you’re not going to. Thanks for the push bro.

In other news, I’m a ripe 38 weeks pregnant. As of today it’s only 10 days till my due date. I am getting so impatient. My first 2 kids were born at 36 weeks and because of that I think sometimes that the last month of pregnancy should be optional… I am happy to be healthily pregnant though!

A wonderful package also came this week, which has been making it much much easier to wait for this little baby. A wonderful package with the word Amazon on the side of box (I love those ones… and the ones with fabric.com on the side).

I’ve wanted an iPad forever, but just couldn’t spend that much money on something just for me. A new sewing machine sure, but a ‘toy’, not so much. I absolutely LOVE my Kindle Fire.

I also got some new books, because of course you need new books when you get a Kindle right??

I’ve had my eye on these 3 books for quite some time now. I entered just about every website/blog giveaway to try to win the two quilting books when they were ‘blog-touring’. Looking forward to making stuff from all these books!

What are you doing with the warmer weather lately?


Can You See My New Colors?

Let me first start by saying that Photobucket is quite amazing these days. Indeed.

I decided that it was time for a new coat of paint on the old blog, do you like?

I started with this photo of a really cool spiderweb covered in dew that I took a few summers ago in West Virginia:

Then, I cropped it to be 990 pixels by 400 pixels, this seems to be the best fit for my header. Then I added some text to the photo:

I liked it, but they have these newer advanced editing toys, uh I mean tools, for color editing under the ‘effects’ tab. I had a lot of fun pushing all the different options just to see what I got, here are a few:

Blueprint Option
Bronze Option
Invert Option

It was really hard to choose! And the one I went with finally was what I got from using the Pop Art option:

Oh how fun photo editing is. Now I just need a better camera to play with too.

Social Media Icons

Yesterday morning, I had no idea what the name for those cute little buttons that are usually all in a row on blogs that link you up to other social networking sites.

Well, they’re called social media icons.

And, you can get some really awesome ones for FREE, that’s right, free.

I picked my bottle cap ones up at Six Revisions, and I think they rock.

I love bottle caps, especially vintage ones. Once upon a time, I actually collected them…. Then I graduated from high school and went through a purging stage, I am still upset about some of the things I got rid of.

Either way, these babies were too fun for me to pass up. Now, I just need to get an awesome new header…

Here’s a place to find more free social media icons.