In September…

I went on my first quilt retreat, awesomeness!!

Sorry, not everyone is pictured.

I turned the big 30. Yea, it wasn’t that big of a deal.

I made my first triple zip. Love it.

I finished my first mystery quilt. Took forever and a day.

I made my first purse, and hope to get the pattern together soon.

I went to find some family members.

I played lots with the cutest kids.

How has the beginning of your fall been??


This Month

Ahh, these past few weeks have been pretty great.

The weather has been spot on. I even got out my clothesline! Mostly to photograph this:

But, I plan to hang some clothes out in a few days (Mondays are my big laundry conquering days). Gotta love the smell!

My goal was to finish this quilt top and the back so it would be ready for quilting, and with only 2 seams to go on the back (which I am doing later today) I would say I DID IT! WooHoo! Taking a photo of said back and blogging about it anytime soon is a completely different thing, pcht.

It always feels so good to get another UFO finished and out of the sewing area. Thanks to the Lovely Year of Finishes I have had a lot more UFOs finished than usual. Here’s my goal setting and mid-month for April.

At times I feel like my sewing space feels so empty, then I remember I’m being productive and cleaning things up. Did I say it feels great yet? It really does.

There have also been quite a few beach days, oh how I love the beach!

We’ve been going with Oma most days and it’s so great to be hanging out with my Mom more.

We frequent Rehoboth Beach, it’s only about an hour for us, and we like it. My Mom introduced me to Greenman Juice Bar & Bistro the last time we went, oh it was good.

In the midst of all this I was also able to finally pull all the weeds out of my garden on the side of the house. I bought some daylilys to put among my nandinas, can’t wait to plant them.

Why is it that the weeds seem to do so well in my garden on that side??

It’s just not fair I tell ya.

Another thing I whipped up last week was this wreath:

I saw something similar on pinterest, but I love me some hydrangeas so they were substituted. I also added a shovel, I liked the shiny in with it all.

Hopefully there will be some realy hydrangeas to grace my front garden this year too!

Is there anything you’re hoping to plant this spring?

AHHH, It’s Summer

Lets just say we’ve been pretty busy around here.

In the last month we’ve had:
– 1 graduation
– 2 birthdays
– ump-teen T-ball games
– I started a new business venture (Thirty One bags are AWESOME)
– School had ended
– Physicals and sick visits each week

And, I know I’m forgetting something….

I haven’t even unloaded any pictures off my camera in at least 3 weeks, otherwise I’d have a cute chubby face to share with you.

With all this going on I decided to make up a chart for our weeks this summer. I printed it up on card stock and am going to laminate it so I can use dry erase markers on it. I’m hoping that the whole family can work together each Sunday to plan the week ahead. Hoping.

I did manage to make this block one day:

I wanted to use the 9 patch that’s in the middle, and all the rest are scraps or leftover bits from a previous quilt.

I love it. It is about 24 inches square, and I’m planning to make a quilt that will be 3 blocks by 3 blocks. I just don’t have any more 9 patches, the one I used was given to me. I’m also not sure if I want all the centers to be 9 patches, I know I want them all to be a small traditional block though.

Either way it feels quite exciting not knowing just what it will turn out looking like!

This Month

I was thinking it would be fun to jot down some randomness each month, you know sort of a ‘to-do’/wish-list of sorts. Here goes.

This is what my marigolds in my vegetable garden looked like 2 weeks ago. I don’t really want to put a picture up of what they look like now because it’s just not pretty. I love how beautiful nature is and how amazing these colors look, but most of all I love how it is constantly changing. This month there is an awful lot I am looking forward to, change and all.

This month…

… I want to have a fire every single night, in the fireplace of course. Hot chocolate may accompany (grin).

… I get to have my big ultrasound. We’re not going to find out what gender the baby is and I’m so very excited.

… My ‘little’ family is traveling to the farm in West Virginia for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait! Visiting them/there in the fall is my most favorite.

… I need to tell my husband that I love him every single day because, well, I do.

… I’m hosting my first knitting/crochet group at my place, exciting stuff!! (And, I hope to get a good post up about it!)

… I want more things on my To-Do list to move to the Done list.

… I will wish most days that I had a mantel atop my fireplace because all the pine cones I keep seeing about are just calling to me. Maybe a wreath will be in order soon.

… Lots of Christmas crafting will get done, that way I don’t feel so bad if I take a day to do some selfish sewing and make myself a new purse. I’ve had one ‘on the list’ since last Christmas (even have the most awesome Anna Maria Horner fabric for it, eeee!)

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