This Week

I know I usually do my ‘This Week’ posts over the weekend to kind of sum up the week before, but this weekend we were a little busy (imagine that with a family of 7).

This week:

My little man turned one month old, still can’t believe it’s been a whole month.

I pinned this little cutie quilt, hoping to get it quilted up quick and make a little tutorial for it (it was super easy, and used some precuts).

My Mom’s Pink and Green King got some love, I got about 60 blocks quilted in just 2 days. I’m hoping to finish it up this week! By the way, I think my husband and I will have to buy a new bed because I’m not sure if I ever want to make another king sized quilt again, unless of course I’m getting it long-armed or a big new sewing room with more space.

We started T-ball season with the boys first game on the 21st. It was so nice to see them playing.

Tomatoes were also planted as well as some brussel sprouts (those are a first for us, and they were a hybrid for slightly warmer temps). The kids helped do the weeding and watering, it’s so nice to have helpers.


Welcoming Warmer Weather

Ahh, this wonderful weather has been pulling everyone outside, and away from their bogs.

We have been weeding and preparing our gardens for planting. My youngest daughter (who is 2 1/2) just loves to help in the dirt, and I am ever thankful for it. I’m hoping to get some peas, beets, and sugar snap peas planted tomorrow. The tomatoes need to get started inside this week too.

My brother came to visit three weeks ago and we planted some herb seeds while he was here. They are sprouting up quite nicely! I haven’t had an herb ‘garden’ before (we planted about 3 or 4 together in one large pot) and am very excited to have my very own fresh herbs on hand! I had been thinking about making a cute shelf to hold mason jars with herbs in them, but had been pushing to project off. When I told my brother this he said something like – just put one together now, if you haven’t done the other one yet you’re not going to. Thanks for the push bro.

In other news, I’m a ripe 38 weeks pregnant. As of today it’s only 10 days till my due date. I am getting so impatient. My first 2 kids were born at 36 weeks and because of that I think sometimes that the last month of pregnancy should be optional… I am happy to be healthily pregnant though!

A wonderful package also came this week, which has been making it much much easier to wait for this little baby. A wonderful package with the word Amazon on the side of box (I love those ones… and the ones with on the side).

I’ve wanted an iPad forever, but just couldn’t spend that much money on something just for me. A new sewing machine sure, but a ‘toy’, not so much. I absolutely LOVE my Kindle Fire.

I also got some new books, because of course you need new books when you get a Kindle right??

I’ve had my eye on these 3 books for quite some time now. I entered just about every website/blog giveaway to try to win the two quilting books when they were ‘blog-touring’. Looking forward to making stuff from all these books!

What are you doing with the warmer weather lately?

This Week…

Tuesday brought with it my first (successful) knitting and crochet group. Two good friends came by my place and had their first lessons, one knitting and one crocheting. It was such fun! I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in quite a while.

Between trying to teach 2 completely different things, I did not work on any of my own projects which I really didn’t mind.

Progress is coming along nicely with my ROYGBIV Ripple. I decided I didn’t like the first yellow that I picked, the texture was all wrong. So, after on 3 rows of frogging I was at it again, and much happier with the second choice.

Lots and lots of baking was happening, and apparently Martha was the go-to source for recipes. This week I made:

Chocolate Crackled Cookies
These were great! They are like a cross between a brownie and a cookie, so good!

Cranberry Shortbread
These are a favorite in my family!


Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies (not Martha’s, but Hershey’s)
New recipe for us, but everyone loved them. Definitely a keeper!

My oh my… I don’t need to do much more baking or I’ll need to make myself some mumus to wear (the not-so-pretty ones).

Friday night brought our church Christmas Party (one reason for so many cookies). We had lots of fun. My family along with my in-laws sang ‘Away in a Manger’ together, and I stood the farthest from the mic… I know better than to quit my ‘day job’.  Yes, our youngest is hidden in the back, but this was the best photo.

The best part of this week so far though by far was when my little girl sang ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ at the Christmas Party.

Thankfully today will be an easy one because we’ll be celebrating this guy’s birthday!

Nothing like tons of family around, and hopefully I get lots of photos.

This Week…

… I can’t believe it’s December already.

… half way feels pretty good.

… socks will be popping on the needles soon.

… homemade soup was/is delicious, I need to remember how much I like homemade slip pea with ham soup.

… 5 1/2 months comes and goes.

Photo courtesy of my 5 year old.

… the laundry fairy forgot to visit, I think they need to be fired.

… we ran out of hot chocolate. HOW COULD THAT HAPPEN??? It was almost the end of the world for some in this family.

How was your week?