Yellow Cream & Sugar or White Sink?

What has been the best part of this past week in my end of the world you ask?

Well, I’m not entirely sure actually…

We’ve been up to so much this week, when it rains it pours around here, come to think of it maybe that’s the only way my husband and I know how to do things. Like Crazy, haha.

Last Saturday we went to church for our Primary’s Easter Activity. They did a few crafts, had some cupcakes, and of course an egg hunt. This is the cream of the crop as far as my success with taking pictures went:

Next came our some what last minute decision to redo part of the kitchen, um like now. We wanted to change almost everything about our kitchen when we first moved in.

Can you blame us? The dark red wallpaper in the photo below is just the beginning of the hideousness. Once I find the photos I took of our kitchen before we touched it, I promise I’ll post them.

My husband got some counter-top for dirt cheap, not exactly my cup of tea but we could definitely work with it considering how cheap we got it. And, of course I had to get a white sink, wishing the whole while it was a ginormous farmer’s sink (next house…). It fits beautifully though, and I think anything else wouldn’t really work with the size of our kitchen.

Isn’t is soo purty?? Just ignore what’s on the wall behind the sink, we’ll get to the back-splash, hopefully soon. Wow my cabinet looks dirty….

I also had a little time to do some thrifting this week, BOO-YA!! Oh how I love thrift store shopping, minus 4 kids of course, but had no such luck with this week’s trip.

We were on a hunt for jeans and church pants for my older son (somehow he grew about 4 inches overnight… I know, it happens), found quite a few pairs, and of course something else too.

Check these out:

Oh man, I was so cyked to find these. They called out to me from the shelf they were on. I love that they’re yellow, and especially that they are flat-sided.

Can’t you just picture them with cream and marshmallows just waiting for a hot chocolate social?!

Another FANtastic part of this week was that I finished piecing the first of my 5 quilts for the custom order I’m working on. Got the whole thing quilted during yesterdays nap time (thank you God for nap time, again).

I quite like how it turned out.

That was my awesome week, how was yours?


Yardsale-ing & Chocolate Croissants

So, do I really need to say anything more?

The post title says it all, what could be better on a Saturday morning??? Seriously…

If you’re a local to Dover, Delaware, you need to stop by Frankfurt Bakery. They only make so much each day, and when it’s gone it’s gone. Everything is made fresh each morning! Oh it’s wonderful, and they open at like 6:30 am!! By the way, they make the best chocolate croissants I’ve ever had.

After a delicious breakfast we hit the yard sales. I scored 4 doilies (and now I am sure I can just make some now…), 2 candlestick holders, 4 mason jars, a batman bigwheel, an antique hankie, a small blue and white china bowl, 2 shelves, and a little people airplane. All for less that $20. Awesome… Here’s some of my loot:

There was this antique desk, the kind where the actual desk part comes off the back of the chair, but the woman sold it right before I walked up, errr. I would have bought it in a heartbeat, even though I have no where to put it… it was amazing. Gotta lose some…

Lastly, I actually got lots of sewing done this weekend too. I finished up my block of the month blocks from last year that I did with the Quilter’s Hive.

These cute skirts I actually cut out and made on Saturday thanks to an awesome tutorial over at Crap I’ve Made, Thanks Char!!

The first of many matching outfits… I LOVE how they turned out. I may just have to make one for Kit too 😉

She’s a ham, I love it.