Bee Blocks

This month the bee block that I was asked to make was the Starburst Block by Lee at Freshly Pieced.

Only one block was requested by this month’s Queen, but I was loving making it so much that I made another!

What do you think?? I can’t even decide which one I like better!

On a side not, the first 2 pictures of the Starburst blocks above are actually turned sideways. This orientation looked the best of all the photos I took. I’m thinking I should just put tape on all four corners of the blocks I photograph next time so it’s not noticeable.

Last month, it took me forever to get my bee blocks done. I’ll be the first to admit I was a slacker! The block was the Freewheeling Block from the book ’99 Modern Blocks’. Very cool book.

This was the first time I tried any paper piecing, and this was a pretty easy block to start with. I was sewing along, super happy with how fast it was going.

Then, I realized that the last 2 triangles I added to the outside of the color triangle was not placed correctly and didn’t go all the way to where the seam allowance needed to end. On EVERY SINGLE BLOCK. So sad it was though, especially since there were 4 smaller blocks to make up one block. My seam ripper and I are a little closer now.

See those corners, ahh!

Either way, I’m having tons of fun doing bee blocks each month!! How about you?? Have you joined a quilting bee?


Double Sized Bargello – FINISHED!

This beauty has been mostly done for a little while now, but since it was a gift I just had to wait to post about it. I absolutely love giving a homemade gift!!

I followed the Bargello pattern in the book ‘Stash-Buster Quilts’ by Lynne Edwards, but did some adjusting. I doubled the width and length of each piece/row in the quilt, so ended up with less blocks and a different final dimension. For my first bargello, I quite like it!

This book is pretty cool, I originally bought it just for the Japanese Folded Patchwork Bag pattern, it’s an amazing looking bag (still need to make one).

The top for this was put together when I was on the retreat back in September. It was done in 2 days! A new record! And who doesn’t love a good scrappy stripe through the back??

Also, I did the quilting with both red and grey thread, doing the red on the prints with red and the grey on the prints with white/black. I really really like how it turned out, I’m definitely doing it again!

Open Wide Zipper Pouches

I have been on a small projects kick lately, well mostly I guess.

My oldest just turned 11, and she had a sleepover party. The girls that came were awesome, I love that all my kids have such great friends! We went to watch the new Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 movie, it was good. I would love some idea pants, hahaha.

So, I decided that instead of buying some plastic bags, or whatever else I found to put their stuff in, I would make some zipper pouches. I used the open wide zipper pouch tutorial from Noodlehead.

Now, I have had a few bumps along the way with my pouches, but this one was a piece of cake to make!

I ended up making 6 of these open wide zipper pouches, they went together quick! I even tried a new free motion quilting technique on them. It’s a great project to test drive some new quilting since you don’t have to quilt such large pieces.

The tutorial has lots of photos, and the way it is worded is great – very easy to follow!

This tutorial is definitely going into my ‘favorites’ section. What about you? Do you have a favorite pouch to make?

‘Is it a big year?’ Giveaway

What did you do on the last weekend you were in your 20s?

Was it awe inspiring? Was it awesome craziness??

Want to know what I’m doing the weekend before I turn 30??

I’m going on my first quilt retreat!! (I know… my exciting life, hahaha)

Seriously though, I’m way excited. I get a 3 day weekend that I get to sleep and wake up when I want. If I skip a meal it’s no biggie. And best of all, I just get to do what I want (which in my world means I get to take a nap if I want, whenever!).

In honor of my getting older, and going on my very first quilt retreat, I’m doing a giveaway:

– 250m Guttermann Thread, color
– 40 charm squares (5inch)
– 22 3inch charm squares
– 1 1/2 yard fabric
– 1 package Warm & White craft size

I know, nothing to die for, but if you love a good ROY G BIV project or even if you just love precuts this is for you!

Standard entries:
-Follow my blog
-Like my page on Facebook
-Follow me on Pinterest
-Spread the word

Put a separate comment for each entry and will do the rest.

Giveaway ends on September 13th at 11:59pm. Winner will be announced and emailed September 14th.

Open worldwide, but anyone out of the continental US pays for their own shipping.

Good luck!

One of the best kept quilting secrets – HST paper!

Ok, I seriously feel like the super nerdy kid that came across something that made me popular enough to join the ‘cool kids’ crowd!

How come no one smacked me over the head with this stuff??

I mean, I’d heard about paper piecing, but never tried it.

HST paper is a piece of paper, or a document that you print onto paper, that you pin to fabric that is right sides together. You then sew on the sewing lines, and cut on the cutting lines when you are done sewing. You end up with x amount of HSTs that are fantastically accurate and symmetrical. AND, you didn’t have to fidget with tons of little triangles if you want a small finished HST.

Let me go back to the beginning.

I joined a mystery quilt thing with my local guild last summer. We got 3 different steps for cutting and piecing before we got the final block placement for the quilt.

The excitement for my first mystery quilt was huge!

Step one, knocked out in no time.

Step two: cut strips 2 3/8″ wide and cut into squares, then into triangles and make 96 – 1 1/2″ HST (Half Square Triangles).

That means 192 – 2 3/8″ squares people.

Yea, ain’t gonna happen….

So, there it sat, patiently waiting. I received step three at the following guild meeting. There it still sat. I even got the last step (in an envelope, as not to temp me). There it sat. There was even a show and tell for this mystery quilt (yea, there goes the surprise… funny thing is I’ve already forgotten what the final quilt looks like… haha). And it still sat.

Then I decided to actually read the pattern beyond the cutting instructions (novel idea really…). Well, there was an alternative method… HST PAPER!!


…Face plant…

Know how long it takes to sew 108 HST with the paper???

Less than an hour, that includes: getting on your computer, printing the paper, trimming it, cutting the large pieces of fabric, pinning, a few text messages, a dirty diaper, and a bathroom break.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, HST Paper is FANTASTIC!!

You should go try it out.

Go get a free download for 9 different sizes that you can print from home at Quilting and What Not.

Here’s a few ideas of what you could make with just a few HSTs:

1. Finished”>”>Finished Field Study half-square triangle chevron quilt
2. Triangles”>”>Triangles Bag
3. Half”>”>Half Square triangle cushions
4. half-square”>”>half-square triangle placemats
5.“>{ geometric squares quilt }
6. Chevron”>”>Chevron Half Square Triangle Values Quilt and Pillow
7. Triangle”>”>Triangle Patch Box Pouch
8. Innocent”>”>Innocent Crush Patchwork Pillow Cover

Outdoors Quilt, a Thank You

Remember that awesome gift that a friend of my Dad’s gave to me?

It was a Singer Featherweight, a dream gift! (I can’t believe I haven’t photographed it yet!)

Well, I finally finished this baby quilt for his son as a thank you for such an amazing gift. I hope they love it!

What do you think?

I had fun using up scraps and making it off center, kinda wonky and all. It felt very good to not follow a pattern, no ‘rules’.

Log Cabin Anyone?

My new quilt project (like I need a new one….) is a scrappy log cabin, I guess that’s the category it falls in. I have never done a log cabin before, and have seen tons of them online that I love love.

Honestly, I just couldn’t wait anymore to finish other things before starting one, although I did quilt and bind a twin last weekend (go me!). The top was from Mrs. Millie, the same woman who has done tops for charity in the past that I have quilted.

I posted about the first block a little while back, and of course all my ideas about how this quilt will end up have changed.

I did take off and change the last strip of the block, I felt like it had too much of the pieced strips. Isn’t that medium blue much better?

And, there is also a second block that has joined the party:

Needless to say, I am not sticking with the 9-patch center for these blocks. I plan to do a different center for each of the 6 blocks that will make up the quilt, I’m thinking of keeping them all traditional.

Each block will finish at 24 inches, and I’m really wanting to do some funky sashing like maybe some flying geese or 5 inch squares on point. We shall see once all the blocks are done.

There is some sketching that needs to get done, and a little playing with colors and shapes and whatnot.

I love the design process!

This one is mine, all mine! I may even spoil myself and get it long-armed.

What does my husband think of this you ask?

Well, when I asked him what he thought, his reply was “it looks a little busy.” Thanks hun for the “compliment” (wink wink).

Mommy Daughter Time

It’s not too often that I get to spend some quality time one-on-one with my kids, unless of course you’re the nursing baby.

However, my soon to be 10 year old seems to have gotten the ‘occasional wake up uber early’ bug. (side note: I feel so old having a kid that will soon have double digits for their age, I know… waa waa).

What started as this:

Was quickly turned into this:

A’s First Quilt Block

I am so proud of her. (insert Mommy sigh and cheesey grin)

We have spent some time together learning to sew, and I really should post about her first sewing project. Better yet, I think I could get her to ‘guest post’ about her first sewing project… good idea?

I only helped out on this block in 2 areas: ironing, and recommending to space light/dark fabrics instead of bunching. I did also write the notes on her design sheet. Other than that, this is all her!

It did take a little convincing to get her to stop holding her head in various forms of this so that I could get a good picture.

She wasn’t believing me that it wasn’t such a great photo when she did that. What do I know??

I can’t wait to see the next block!

My First Mini!

Isn’t it…. ok? I think I like it more in this photo than in person… so sad.

This was my first mini. I used the scraps from my Brick Wall Quilt. And, I did some swirly quilting, can you tell I’m trying to experiment with my free-motion foot lately?

I had a really hard time figuring out what to put on the back. I felt like everything either looked bland or didn’t go with the front at all. I settled on a creamy yellow solid.

I made it to enter it with the other minis from the guild I belong to for our quilt show this October that will be raffled off. There is also a contest for those who enter, with 10 winners each getting 10 FQs.

Hoping I get to win!

I was, by the way, complimented on my binding when turning it in to the guild president. Thankfully I have fully converted to Amanda’s binding method from Crazy Mom Quilts. I simply told my Pres. that I learned online. I love love a skinny binding, and fully machine sewn. Never.Turning.Back.