Thirty One Quilts

I started selling Thirty One bags almost 4 years ago now. I love it! Love the company, products, events, I could go on and on.

With each new catalog, we consultants have the opportunity to get fabric swatches of the cute new fabrics. As a quilter/crafter I’ve always thought it would be fun to make a quilt with these swatches as a memento of my time with the company.

Of course, I wasn’t the only one with this idea. A friend of mine who also used to be a Thirty One consultant asked me to make a quilt for her daughter, thus the first quilt came about.


I recently had the opportunity to make more swatch quilts, and here’s one I finished just a few months ago.


And now, I on to my third quilt. It’s so fun to see these prints and swatches turn into come cute and useful! (Sorry, awful basement photo)



The Fifth, and Final

Today I had my first appointment, and it’s official (even got pictures to prove it) : I’m pregnant!

(sorry it’s very fuzzy, it’s a picture of a picture)

{I know, you guys totally wanted to see my insides. funny funny.}

I sure hope so, with all the morning sickness I’ve been having. Never have I been this sick! I’ve been hoping that the doctor tells me there is only one baby, and there is only one! (twins are in my family)

Every pregnancy is different to an extent, however, the emotions and nausea with this one are crazy. Of course I am very happy and blessed to have another baby, but this one is proving to be much more challenging than the others (at least for now).

I guess this explains, a little, why I’ve been such a bloggy slacker lately. I have however been cranking away on Pinterest, it’s just so addicting and almost mindless, lately that’s been quite nice.

Am I crazy to be having my 5th child, I think so. Crazy in love with my kids and the thought of having another! 

Thinking about some things I want to make during this pregnancy has been really fun. There are tons of really cute patterns out there for just about anything and everything baby!

Annabel’s Blanket

Baby Mary Jane Skimmers (if it’s a girl)
Helena Sweater (for my 2 yr old)

Organized To-Go Bags
Flat Front Pants
Re-purposed Baby Pants (can you imagine these in cute boy/unisex stripes??)
Baby Food Lid Game

There are even sites with clothes altering ideas for maternity wear, google it for even more.

DIY Maternity
Click Here

One thing that has been quite nice is all the nesting that is kicking in already. I haven’t been feeling well enough to really tackle what I want to, but the urge is there already! Must be something to do with how this is #5 and I know how quickly things will be over and another little one will be here to snuggle, love, clean up after, and adjust to. Just hoping I get it all done!


So, even though I feel like I’ve somewhat fallen off the ‘being creative’ wagon for a bit, I actually have been working on things from long ago in the to-do list.

For example, I finally made a hair bow holder for the girls room:

There are tutorials all of the place for these, but they are so easy to make or even to explain how to make. Since there are lots of colors on my girls walls, well only 3 but still, I decided to make one that’s white on white and I love how it turned out!

I bought a picture frame from a yard sale, spray painted it white (with a clear coat on top for durability). Then I cut a piece of cardboard to fit, mod podged some white paper on it since I used eyelet, I didn’t want the brown to show through. I cut a piece of fabric about 2 inches wider and taller than the cardboard, and mod podged it on (no topcoat). Lastly, I cut some ribbon a few inches longer than the long side of the cardboard, hotglued in place, and presto! Done and done.

And to think, I had thought about making the girls some more bows for Easter…. I think I would like to make another one of these, but with an oval frame next time. Maybe we could put the fancier bows on that one, and keep the more daily ones on this one. We shall see.

Another in the works project that we’ve been working on is finishing up the living room. I love love finally having our own house, and feeling like I can paint the entire thing (and not have to repaint soon). Here’s what it looks like at this very moment:

My husband moved the TV over to the right wall, and we moved my sewing table and all it’s glory downstairs last night. We stood there looking at what felt like a naked wall now. We’re thinking that we’ll move the smaller bookshelf from the other wall and put it in the corner, we’ll get another to balance the wall. But, we’re also thinking of getting some high-back chairs as well. I’m so happy!

Here’s some ideas of chairs I’m lovin:

Ikea Stolkholm, multicolored

San Rafael Chair, Pier 1

Mitchell Armless Swivel-Green Floral, Target

Josette Chair, Pier 1

Cadman Puzzle Chair, Pier 1

Temani Chair, Pier 1

Banana Chair, Pier 1

I think my most favorite are the Mitchell Chair from Target and the Banana Chair from Pier 1.

What do you think?

Friday Find: Tea Rose Home

It’s FRIDAY!!!

I can’t tell you how much I love the internet, or how much I love blogs. Sometimes when I read someone else’s blog I almost feel like the author wrote it just for me. Does anyone else ever feel that way??

Well, Sachiko over at Tea Rose Home did just that, she wrote a blog post just for me (not literally).

Her post titled “Clothes – Memory Blanket – and Mini Clothes” was incredible. So wonderful that I felt it needed to be shared!

(This photo is direct from Tea Rose Home blog)

Blue Dress Refab

This is what we started with, yet another $1 find at GW. It said it was a child’s size 12, I’m guessing it was a long shirt…

We tried it on my little Miss Lulu (that’s her “funny” name) and the first thing that she said was, I don’t like the top part with the flap (the collar), so that was definitely gonna go. Then she said, “where are my sleeves?” I, of course, said “we haven’t found them yet.”

First thing’s first, the collar came off, and it was just the perfect size to cut in half and make sleeves! Yay.

I added some thin lacy ruffle to the collar, and just made another buttonhole with a button to hold the new collar up and over. Next, I added some ruffle to the bottom, sewing it right onto the current hem to make it appear to be a petticoat.

I really really like how the sleeves turned out. I will be doing this again!
Last step, take in the mid-section to make a waist for her, and here it is:

Booster Car Seat Cover- Tutorial

Ok, those of us that have bigger little kids know about these, and how incredibly ugly they are. One gets about three to five choices of what kind of fabric to choose: black, princess, Dora, cars, and maybe a boy cartoon figure. So, in other words, all really ugly/kiddy fabric.I decided that enough was enough, so here is a tutorial about how to turn it into one of these (yay!):

What you will need:

  • Car seat cushion
  • 3 strips of fabric about 19 inches by 5 inches
  • 1 1/4 yard of 1 inch FOE or 1 yard of extra wide double fold bias tape
  • thread, sewing machine, pins, scissors, etc.

I am using a Cosco brand car seat, so if you have a different one, this may go a little differently. Take the middle fabric and lay it right side up in the middle of the cushion, next lay one of the side pieces on top with the right side of the fabric facing down, pin in place. Following the seams already on your car seat, sew the 2 layers of fabric to the cushion. Leave about 1/2 to 1/4 of an inch unsewn at the bottom of the cushion, or the part that goes on the front of the car seat.

Next, open the fabric that you have just sewn onto the cushion so that the side piece you just attached is right side up. Baste this side piece to the edging of the cushion.Lay the remaining piece of fabric on the middle fabric and pin in place. Again, following the existing seam, sew the last side piece to the cushion. And, again, leaving between 1/2 and 1/4 of an inch unsewn at the bottom of the cushion, or the part that goes on the front of the car seat.

Again, open the fabric you have just sewn so that the side piece is right side up, and baste to the edging of the cushion.Sew the cover fabric to the cushion at the top end, or the end that goes at the back of the car seat, trim.
Fold the fabric under on the bottom, or the part of the cushion that goes on the front of the car seat. Do a blind stitch to secure this fabric, since this part will be visible. (I don’t have a photo of this because I didn’t realize it would be visible until I put it all back together… oops. So, you can see a blanket stitch on mine in the front of the cushion.)

Finally, sew the FOE or bias tape over the sides of the cushion, and TA DA!

 Simply Designing