Aztec Granny Stripe Blanket

I think I almost forgot that I have a blog… geez.

Between everyone passing around colds in January & February, gearing up for Spring Break, Spring Break itself, and now it seems everyone has a field trip/field day that needs getting ready for. The joys of family life, never a dull moment. And, of course about half of my kids have woken up with feet two sizes bigger, or a few inches taller so lots of sorting clothes and shopping for shoes has been going down lately too.

Luckily I have some time to crochet while waiting at school pick ups and activities, down time yes!


I just finished this granny stripe blanket, oh I love it! Granny crochet in any form is probably my favorite crochet goodness EVER.

The stripes are all random and crazy like, because I can only make so many blankets with a ‘must stick to it’ pattern. I guess I need to be a little rebellious sometimes.

I used a total of 6 skeins of yarn (I did buy a skein of Aran, just needed it) and 6 balls of yarn. There were 5 balls left from the skeins, I consider it a ball if it’s smaller than a softball and larger that a golf ball. Anything larger I still consider a skein and anything smaller I consider scrap (not enough to really make anything)

The final measurements are: 40in by 50in

If you’re interested, this blanket is listed in my Etsy shop.

AND, my new stats for #UseAllTheYarn2015 are:

  • 104 Skeins (down 5.4%)
  • 60 balls (down 1.7%)
  • 7 large cones (no change)

Yay for progress using my stash! I have pulled to start my next project already too, an African flower throw it is!


Use All The Yarn 2015

Yes, I know it’s February but I just had to start this even though it’s not the real beginning of the year.

I have a question for all you crocheters/knitters out there. How many skeins of yarn do you have right now?


Don’t lie, be honest. (That basket is full, and it’s three feet wide, two feet high, and two feet deep)

Me? How many do I have??

As of right now I have:

109 skeins, 61 balls, and 7 large cones of yarn. And a few handspuns, but I won’t count those here. They’re from my grandma, little different see:


You read that right.

I had two different ladies give me yarn at about the same time almost two years ago. I put it away and just knew I would be making things with them gradually and the stash would dwindle.

Even though I have made a few things, I still have that much yarn. (Just imagine how much there really was to start….) I would like to add that some of these yarns are not what I would necessarily choose to buy, but I’ll be more than happy to work with what I have!

So, enter #UseAllTheYarn2015!!!


Use the yarn you’re stashing, share on instagram with the hastag #usealltheyarn2015, and I’m thinking there will be random giveaways throughout the year for those playing along!

I’ll be keeping track of how much I use of my stash throughout the year, and I’d be glad to have you join along!

Right now I’m on my second project in this endeavor.


Since I used 4 skeins (with only one small ball left) on the first one, here’s my current stats:


4 skeins

Have Remaining:

105 skeins, 62 balls, 7 cones

Here’s to using what we have and making beautiful things!!