Been a Little Busy

So, haven’t posted in a while, sorry for nothing new 🙂

Here’s what I’ve been working on:

-Newborn/Small diaper covers for my newest bambino soon to come.

-OS Dipe- since I finally got my snap press, I need to test/alter my pattern if needed. I’ve got it cut out, the reinforcing pul under the snaps, and the snaps put on the front. All that I need to do now is sew on the inner, lastin or FOE the seams, and put the snaps on the tabs! YEA!! I’m pretty excited about my first snap OS Dipe! I am thinking of making them to sell, but we’ll see 🙂

-Switching the rest of my velcro dipes to snap since my Pooka still loves to undo them, even if he’s wearing pants. errr. I know, the dots I marked with are visible, I decided last minute to move them up a bit, but the ink “should” wash out… we’ll find out soon enough.-Mama Cloth. I am still a little weary about these… I figure since I’m only using scraps/upcycled materials I won’t feel bad if I do not find myself committing to them… But, I figure since I will be cloth diapering for quite some time, mama cloth shouldn’t be such a far stretch. This is the first bunch I made, and even though me and the velour had some fightin words when sewing it right sides together with the bottom, I think they turned out pretty well :). I definitely think, for easiness purposes, I will go with miscrosuede/suedecloth from now on…
-Baby blanket for one of my childhood friends who is expecting her first girls. I LOVE how it’s turning out!

All of this while conquering my ever-growing laundry pile, super cleaning all my bathrooms and kitchen, just incase today is “the day”, and sorting/organizing all my piles of stuff I create that will “get picked up tomorrow.”


To any of you who cloth diaper, and know about me and my stash, I have a little of everything, and love different dipes for different reasons…

With that being said, I have a NEW favorite!!! It’s a……. DIAPER CHANGE!!! The one and only thing that I don’t like about these diapers is that they are sized, that’s IT! Other than that, they are awesome, and come in the MOST adorable prints!!

So, if you are wanting to get some sized dipes that ROCK, try a Diaper Change: or

We have one that has a baseball print, not too GN, I know, but it’s baseball!!! Maybe the new little girl (coming in June) will get a few for her arrival…