Friday Find: Crochet A Rainbow

This week’s Friday Find is a charity-type thing, wow that was specific.

The author of the wonderful (self-titled) website Sarah London has been running this shin-dig for a bit. She is accepting donations of Granny Squares to sew them together and make blankets for flood victims of Australia.

She has even provided step-by-step visual instructions here.

I simply love it when someone organizes something like this, a charity where tons of people contribute what they have and the people organizing it puts the pieces all together to make something beautiful. When you think about it, every person who organizes a charity does this, but with crafting projects it is a much more visual experience. (I am a very visual person)

Here’s what I’ve been working on in my ‘waiting time’ this week:

You should use your extra yarn and whip up a few, if you have any extra yarn that is…


Friday Find: One Day Without Shoes

Lets start by saying I think TOMS shoes are adorable, no?

Lets also say that I need a pair, seriously, but can’t see myself spending that much on a pair of sneaks right now. I’m not on a ‘buy something awesome for me kick’ at the moment.

The best thing about TOMS shoes is that for each pair they sell, they give a pair to a person/child in need of shoes. They give away a BRAND NEW PAIR.

On April 5th, 2011 they are encouraging everyone everywhere to spend One Day Without Shoes to boost awareness of those around the world that go without every single day. 

I have pledged to blog without shoes on April 5th, 2011, and hopefully I can do something a bit more influential without shoes, like have a party, or maybe just a playgroup… hahaha… without shoes. I need to do something good though, cause honestly, I live without shoes most days (do slippers count???) as soon as the weather is nice, I am sans shoes.

Friday Find: Emilynn Handcrafted Jewelry

Technically, it’s still Friday, even though it feels like it is way past my bedtime today. I had the middle stage of an oral implant done today, so I’m still super sleepy. Therefore, please excuse anything that doesn’t make any sense (including spelling…) haha.

I was browsing Etsy, favorite past-time…

What did I stumble upon?? This beautifully colorful array of handmade jewelry, also know as Emilynn Handcrafted Jewelry.

I am not a big jewelry buying person. Maybe because I have this whole lack of funding thing, and well, jewelry I don’t even think is ON the totem pole. Or, maybe it’s because I love so much of it that I can’t decide what to get. Either way, it’s tough for me to buy jewelry.

Back to what I found:

I mean, holy cow this is GORGEOUS!!  I think this is my favorite piece from her shop, the piece is called The Secret Garden. The photo is courtesy of Emilynn Handcrafted Jewelry, very obviously NOT mine… nother story.

The *two women who run the company are a mother daughter team. Mum, Roseanne, and daughter, Emily,* live in NSW Australia. And, I think I desperately need to go to Australia now, if this woman gets any of her inspiration from her surroundings, I think I want the same surroundings.

Simply Lovely!

*edited to correct owners names*

Friday Find: Fabric Organizers

Yay for the First Friday of FALL!!!

Needless to say, fall is my favorite season. I don’t usually say autumn, not sure why… maybe it’s because “happy autumn y’all” just isn’t as cute as

Happy Fall Y’all!

On to the Friday Find!

Let me start by saying I wish I wish I had a ton of these!!! I just don’t have a room for sewing yet, so no place for my stash to be pretty on these.

The Fabric Organizers are made by DeNiece’s Designs.  They come in 2 sizes, large and small, and can hold lots of fabric! For all the specifics head over to their website: The Fabric Organizer.

(Photo from The Fabric Organizer website)

They even have a video with how they put their fabric on them.

All I have to say is: awesomeness!

Friday Find: Sew a Straight Line

In case you haven’t heard, the lady behind Sew a Straight Line is pretty awesome. She has committed to challenge herself to step up her sewing skills by sewing through an old college sewing textbook.

I think that is awesome!! Maybe I should look around for a sewing textbook, I know I could use some up-ing of my skills 😉

She’s got some pretty awesome tutorials too, like: Star Pin Cushion, Rolled Kitchen Towels, To Make a Fitted Diaper, and The Domesticated Skirt.

Mind you, this is just a few of her tutorials.

The best best thing about Sew a Straight Line, is that she has a post with link parties for each day of the week! How awesome is that?!

So, hop on over and check out Sew a Straight Line.

Friday Find: Tea Rose Home

It’s FRIDAY!!!

I can’t tell you how much I love the internet, or how much I love blogs. Sometimes when I read someone else’s blog I almost feel like the author wrote it just for me. Does anyone else ever feel that way??

Well, Sachiko over at Tea Rose Home did just that, she wrote a blog post just for me (not literally).

Her post titled “Clothes – Memory Blanket – and Mini Clothes” was incredible. So wonderful that I felt it needed to be shared!

(This photo is direct from Tea Rose Home blog)

Friday Find: Geta’s Quilting Studio

I haven’t done a Friday Find in, well, forever it seems. Having 4 kids sneeks up on you sometimes, and has a tendency to obliterate things like regular blogging, at least when only 1 of your 4 is in school.

So, on to my incredible find!

Geta’s Quilting Studio had a wonderful tutorial for a quilted basket. I think her design is adorable, and her fabric choice is great. Definitely going in my “projects I must make category.”

I mean, just look at how cute her basket is:

Friday Find: Smitten Mittens by Lovedriven

Back to a good Friday Find, Lovedriven!

I got an email from Etsy, and low-and-behold, this is the very first thing I saw when I opened it:

How adorable is that?!?! I mean, seriously!

I have seen quite a few of these mittens for holding hands in, patterns for them, and whatnot, but I have never seen one like this.So, I email Hannah, the woman behind these beauties, and here’s her bio for you:

My name is Hannah Welch ; I was born in Orlando, Florida. When I was 19, I moved to Boston and attended Massachusetts College of Art. I had no clue about seasons or cold weather, and as much as I loved to see the leaves change, I hated the freezing winters. I created the Smitten 10 years ago out of necessity. I was dating a Massachusetts native and unlike me he was acclimated to the cold. I would not leave the house unless completely covered and holding hands through thick gloves seemed impersonal and awkward. Hence the birth of the Smitten!I moved to Los Angeles, California where I obtained my degree in Art History. I lived abroad in Florence, Italy for two years where I studied, worked and learned Italian. Now I am back in Florida making Smittens and looking for ways to return to Europe permanently.

All of my Smitten’s are hand-made and stitched by me. The adorable cards that come with the smitten’s are hand-designed by my father Al Carroll; he is an old school graphic designer (meaning NO Computers, a steady hand, and a lot of patience.) My newest items are called Love Dove totes and can also be found on my Etsy page. The image on the bags is another example of my fathers handy-work.

So, in other words, since you need a Valentine’s Day gift for someone, get one of these!!

Friday Find: Vintage Christmas

I know I usually do a Friday Find that is one crafter, site, or organization, but I wanted to spice things up a bit.

I love vintage Christmas stuff! I mean love. I have some vintage push pin ornaments, and they are a close second to all the ones that my kids have made that go on our tree. I am sure that throughout the years I will be adding more to my collection.