Introducing Boy #3

This past week there have been a few deliveries that I/my family have received.

Some of them are quite life-changing, where others were just plain awesome.

The biggest (and most amazing) delivery of the week was this little guy:

He came in a whirlwind, that aside from a few key moments, was mostly a blur to me. Lets just say that I am so so so thankful that it is over, and only took about 3 hours.

This boy was a whopping 9 pounds 2 ounces, a pound and a half bigger than my biggest thus far.

We are so happy that all went ‘well’ and that the baby & I are healthy.

I didn’t take any photos in the hospital (except the few when the kids came to visit), I was way too sleepy and was in vacation aka brain dead mode. Can you blame me? I only had one little person to take care of! Just about every moment he slept so did I.


Another AWESOME Weekend

Just incase you didn’t read the title of this post, haha, I had an absolutely awesome weekend!!

Friday night I had a Premier Jewelry party, fun fun. I made these pumpkin whoopie pies, so delicious.

Saturday morning I met with a woman who has asked me to make 5 quilts for her! Yea, that’s huge for me, like biggest custom order yet. The best part about this is that she had a Singer Treadle sewing machine that she wanted to get rid of. Well, we worked it out, and she sold it to me for $150. How incredibly ROCKIN is that?!?! Here it is:

Isn’t it beautiful, ahhh.

Sunday was the perfect wrap up for the weekend. In church, I taught the lesson in Relief Society, the one I was called on Saturday around 3:30pm to teach. Thank goodness for lesson manuals! It was fun to teach, never thought I’d say that, but I am enjoying it the more I do it.

Sunday afternoon my Mom came over to hang out. She and I went to pick the Singer Treadle machine, did I mention that it actually works! Afterwards we played with her blocks for her quilt and set up the layout. Here is the center of the quilt top:

It’s pretty hard to see all the prints in this photo, thanks to an overcast-y afternoon. We will be adding a 3 inch white border followed by an border of the snowball blocks. Can’t wait to get it finished up! I will definitely be adding some better photos once it’s done, I think we may do a little photo shoot. Hahaha, I say that like I’m actually a photographer, but we all know what my photag skills are like …. (sigh)

How was your weekend?

A Day in The Life

Yesterday was a long one.

Woke at 4am- sew for 1 1/2 hours.

6am, Breakfast for the masses

7am, Off to School

9am, Inchworms class at the Y for my little man, his first day and he’s not too sure, but LOVES it! (I get to crochet in the waiting room for about 1 hour, score)

11:30am, Pick up the big man at Pre-K, but we’re a little early so I get to squeeze in a little knitting (I keep some in the car). He had a good day today.

12noon, Lunch, Daddy comes home today and our little princess is overjoyed.

1pm, Time for a nap (not for me, bummer), and more crochet time while I wait (watch) for them to go to sleep.

2pm, More sewing to do… man, am I glad I like to do all this, haha. The big man has decided that today is not a good day for a nap for him, apparently working on his letters is more important today….

4pm, Everyone’s up, and Daddy comes home to tell me MeMa is on her way, and just the grow ups are going to see a movie!! (By the way, Red was good).

(This is what happens when you try to get them to actually sit together for a photo.)

7pm, Home from an impromptu date night (I didn’t even get to get all cute… how could he be spontaneous?? No, really, I was wearing faded jeans and a hoodie.)

Now it’s bath-time, 3 in a row.

8:30pm, Little miss princess has retired for the evening, now we just have to wrangle the boys to be quiet and not wake her, and by quiet I only mean prevent them from yelling/screaming. (Apparently when there are 2 boys instead of just 1, there is no sense of volume control.)

10pm, finally we all get to sleep. And, I get to start all over again at 4am.

You know, I think I would die if I had to do a 9 to 5…

*All the photos were taken on a different day. Don’t you just love the 80’s look? haha

My First Fabric Based Bus Trip- Eastern PA Fabric Shops

I really feel like I can call myself a fabric addict now. 

I went on a bus trip, sat on the bus for 2+ hours just to get to the destination, and woke up before 5am to get to the meeting point, all to BUY FABRIC! Oh, and look at tons of really awesome quilts too.

Wanna know where I went??

Lancaster, PA, of course!

Here’s the shops that were on “the list”:

    I think that Burkholder’s, Log Cabin, and Zook’s were my favorite, and in that order. Sauder’s and Zook’s had the best prices by far, and had a really big selection too.

    I didn’t get into Bitty Kinna’s, but heard from the other ladies on the trip that it was quite nice.

    Burkholder’s was so pretty to just walk inside and look around. They had the store so well organized, it was almost like fabric heaven. They even had a playground outside, genius!

    This is what one of their isles looked like, I wish they had a photo of what it looks like once you walk in the door, breathtaking. Just look:

    (Photo from Burkholder’s site)

    The new “thing” in fabrics is fruits and veggies. These fabrics were everywhere! I got a FQ pack at Burkholders that was folded up like a 6 point star, so very cute. Here’s a pic of the vast selection (so yummy, hehe):

    (Photo from Burkholder’s site)

    I even took my soon-to-be eight-year-old (her birthday is next month), and she had fun too! She was much more well behaved than I even hoped she would be, woohoo! Kit had to come along too, of course.

    I’ll post a few photos of the goodies I got soon.

    Sauder’s had the cheapest prices of all the stores we ventured to (and I bought almost all of my fabric from this shop). The shop itself felt like someone’s basement, with an attic room that housed their bolt sale. I totally didn’t have a problem with it, but it just didn’t give it any bonus points for me. Thanks for the Beatle’s Panels for only $2 each! yea.

    In the downstairs of The Quilt & Fabric Shack, they had lots of notions for really cheap! I found some sleeping bag zippers for only $8.75! For reals…

    For lunch, we ate at the Kettle Cafe. They had a soup of the day that was Chicken & Corn soup, ohh so yummy!! And, my little LuLu had a chicken nugget meal which she got a coupon to decorate a gingerbread cookie, much fun!

    We finished up the trip with dinner at CiCi’s pizza. It was fun and totally great for kids. Miss LuLu got to veg out and watch SpongeBob, she was very happy.

    Can’t WAIT till next year’s trip!!