I’m Hooked

I mentioned in my last post something about tons of crochet this month.

Big Brother Little Brother Hats

Maybe it just feels like a lot to me because I’ve made or finished 6 crochet projects this month, and one more will be done today. That’s huge for me since crochet has been a little on the back burner for sometime. It always seems that my crochet projects end up being the ones that travel with me and get done during ‘waiting times’, and for some reason I’m always making a blanket (and I finished one of those this month too).

My ROYGBIV Ripple is DONE!!! More on that later…

I found a really cute pattern on Ravelry, Earflaps Hat for Kids, and I LOVE it. Of course, I only made 2 that were by the pattern, but made 3 others that were bigger just by adjusting the pattern.

Brother & Sister Hats

There you have it, I made 5 hats this month and am finishing one for me (yes me) today. It’s just like the little pink one pictured above, funny cause I think pink is my least favorite color but I love how this one looks! I rarely ever make something for myself, and this month this is the second thing I’ve made for me. I feel like I’m spoiling myself.


One thought on “I’m Hooked

  1. Very cute hats! I have a friend who used to make these too and she made me a double layered reversible one in 2006 – I still have it and it is awesome 🙂 Love that white ripple blanket you made too – super pretty!

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