Make All the Minis!

Holy summer batman!

Yes, I’m alive. And, I did have a pretty good summer too.

I had some good waves of sewing/crafting amid all the chaos. Err, I mean, amid the trips, camps, pool days, picnic days, etc.

As you all know, I absolutely love making Sew Together Bags. And, in case you didn’t know, there’s a wonderful little spreadsheet put together by Occasional Piece to calculate the Sew Together Bag pattern into a mini!


SAY WHAT?!?! Yes ma’am!

Now, why did I need to make 8 of them you say??


Well, why not? right?

Just kidding, I made 8 so I could share in the mini goodness.


You see, every fall I get the privilege to journey up to Lancaster, PA for a little Mayhem in Paradise with seven other awesome ladies. So, naturally I had to make one for each of them. Can you guess which one is mine?


I decided to do these production line style, and man it was fun!

Fun, up until the hand stitching of the binding down part. Maybe it’s because that part always takes the longest, that and the cutting part.


So, now you want to go make some mini Sew Together bags right??

I think I may have a little stack of fabric patiently waiting to be a part of my next production line.

Just maybe. *grin*

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