Something I can Share!

I’ve been doing lots of secret sewing this year, between swaps, gifts, and getting ready for Christmas, I simply haven’t had much I could share which has been a real bummer.

This has been my leader/ender project for a little while now, and I LOVE it!


Leader/ender projects are nothing new, just google it and a bunch of really beautiful projects will come up, even a few books.

I simply used 2in squares for the centers, then bordered with 1 1/2in strips, then again with 2 1/2in strips. These are some of the pieces I cut my scraps up into as I am cutting for other projects. I have a box for each different ‘scrap busting’ piece and I just sort everything into it’s box when I’m done cutting for each project. That way I can just grab a box and cut out the pieces for my next leader/ender.


Here’s what I used for each block: 2in square; and two of each of these rectangles: 1 1/2in x 2in, 1 1/2in x 4in, 2 1/2in x 4in, 2 1/2in x 8in.

I cut everything at once and put all my pieces into a dish. Then, I completed one step for ALL blocks before moving to the next piece to add. It was much much easier for me this way, and easier to stay on track/keep organized.


These blocks end up at 7 1/2in finished. I did 48, so this quilt is 45in by 60in. It’ll be a great baby quilt!

My next one will just be a postage stamp quilt, there’s a QAL on Instagram #scrappypostagestampQAL (I’m bluestripedroom). I’ll be using my 2in squares, I still have a ton of them after this one.



Purple Patchwork Cargo Duffel

In the midst of summer, and all it’s fun, I whipped up a Cargo Duffel among other things I have yet to blog about.


I absolutely love it! There will definitely be more of these.


I did make a few changes, which are:

– I used 2 layers of cotton batting in all the pieces of the main part of the bag.

– Linen was my interior fabric, no canvas.

– I added 10 inches to the strap length, I prefer a longer strap.


I also made a matching triple zip (which I made 2 inches longer than the tutorial) for the inside. I used my snap press to attach it to the inside of the bag, that way it can be removed. My secret sister I made it for requested lots of pockets, so I needed to improvise 🙂


I also used a baby corduroy for the bottom of the bag, I really like how this turned out. I really feel like it added more to the bottom, and hopefully it won’t wear out as fast as quilting cotton.


I’m telling you, this one was a little hard to give away. But, she absolutely LOVED it, so that made it much easier!

3 down, too many to go

I started this post about a million times in my head, but nothing seemed right. You see, it’s summer break for us right now and I have 5 children, well 6 if you count my husband (joking…).

All the traveling, pool days, gardening, canning, playgrounds, and rainy video game days just take a toll on a mother’s brain. My abilities to do much else seem to be weaning as of late.

I was successful to sneak in a little sewing time this week and I finished another Christmas quilt top in only a week. I feel like doing the happy dance, fabric pulling to quilt top in one week guys!


It’s funny how every single photo I took of this quilt looked washed out as a whole, and yet there is a lot of color in it see:


It does feel good to have three quilt tops done though! Is July really almost over??


For Pinks Sakes Blog Tour – Nelson’s Victory Quilt Block Tutorial

I am so pleased to be a part of this blog hop. I mean, how cute of a name?? For Pinks Sakes!
It’s almost impossible for any of us to go through life without having at least one person that is near and dear have to endure the trials of Breast Cancer. For me, it was my high school art teacher. She was someone that I considered to be like a mother to me. She got me through some serious stuff, and she encouraged me to reach farther into my creative soul. I love you Andrea Henderson, I pray you rest in peace.
“In recent years, perhaps coinciding with the decline in prescriptive hormone replacement therapy after menopause, we have seen a gradual reduction in female breast cancer incidence rates among women aged 50 and older. Death rates from breast cancer have been declining since about 1990, in part to better due to screening and early detection, increased awareness, and continually improving treatment options.” via:
Anna over at Life Sew Crafty is dealing with this disease at a much closer level, her Mother-In-Law is fighting the fight. With this being a large part of her life right now, she is raising awareness of Breast Cancer and trying her best to raise money for the ever growing medical expenses her family is enduring (click on the link to donate, every little bit helps!).
Another way to contribute is to make blocks and send them to Anna. She’s assembling quilts and donating them to the Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion in Grand Rapids, MI. For block info & where to send the blocks go to Life Sew Crafty.
My block for this hop is a Nelson’s Victory Block. I really liked that it had the word victory in the name!
It’s super easy!
You only need 3 fabrics: light, dark, & background. A fat eighth would be enough of each.
Cut Fabrics:
– Two 4in squares of Light
– Two 4in squares of Background
– Four 3 1/2in squares of each print
First, match up each 4in light square with one 4in background square and draw a line diagonally across the wrong side of the light square. Pin the squares together, and sew 1/4in from the line on both sides. Cut along the line. You’re making 4 HST blocks. Trim these to 3 1/2in.
Sew the HSTs together to create a windmill block, pictured above.
Next, sew each of the light 3 1/2in squares to one background 3 1/2in square.
Sew one 3 1/2in square of dark fabric to both ends of two of these strips you just made. This is what you should have at this point:
Sew the two smaller strips (pictured on the left & right of center block above). Press, and sew the longer strips on.
I’m thinking this block would look awesome in a scrappy, colorful & low volume colorway. It was so quick to put together too! Oh man, did I really just put another quilt on ‘the list’??!!
There will be a giveaway via Life Sew Crafty on August 2nd to all those who participated in the blog hop in some way, including: donating, sending block, posting, & sharing blog posts.
Want to see some more awesome Pink blocks?? Check out the fellow bloggers participating in the hop:
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Am I Really Sewing for Christmas in June??

Yes, yes I am.

And, it feels awesome!


I’m doing my first ‘rows’ quilt. Gotta make a cool quilt for a cool person right??



Right now I’ve got three rows done, and two more are about half done. I can’t believe I started this a little over a week ago and the top is almost finished!

My plan is coming along nicely. Sorry, there won’t be any full quilt reveals till after Christmas. You understand right??

Surprisingly, this is my second quilt top for Christmas that I’ll get to cross off the list! Oh yea!

The ‘May I Please Have Some More?’ Green Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie isn’t green in color, but it is dairy free & gluten free.

It’s no secret that I love smoothies. I could drink one every single day and not tire of them. Oh the variety!

This year my family decided to participate in the local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). With this decision has come a box every week containing new and old favorite produce items.

My third week into the CSA I received 7 heads of baby bok choy. Since baby bok choy was a new veggie to me, I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. Purchasing a CSA has brought this dilemma almost weekly, which I absolutely love! Thus, this smoothie recipe was created.


Yes, it was so good that you get a photo of a half drank smoothie. Once I tasted it, I almost couldn’t stop.

My eight year old is an excellent apprentice to smoothie making. He even suggested some of the ingredients.


May I Please Have More? Green Smoothie Recipe

1 Ripe Banana

6-8 Strawberries (a good handful)

1 Head Baby Bok Choy

1 T Local Honey

1/2 C Frozen Berries

1 C Apple Juice

Handful of Ice Cubes*


Simply put everything into your blender and blend till smooth.

*I usually use frozen cubes of juice. When you open a jar of fruit (peaches, pears, or mixed fruit) I usually save the juice and freeze it in ice cube trays. No need to throw away the juice the fruit is packed in!

2 FOs This Last Weekend

How is that even possible??

Either way, it was quite awesome.

First finished object was my Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief. The pattern is a free ravelry download, just click on the link and it will lead you to the pattern.

It's nit a vacation without some awesome knitting #ageofbrassandsteam #sublimecashmeremerinosilkdk #knittersofinstagram

This is the first kerchief I’ve even made, and it was definitely a easy/fun knit. It’s a little smaller than I would like, so I gave it to my oldest daughter. She has been asking me for a shawl for a while now, which I think it funny all on it’s own but that’s another story.

The second project I finished was a crochet bolero for my oldest. She really likes to wear boleros, especially over her dresses to church. This one has been a WIP for a long while, honestly I’m glad it fits her.

A's White Church Bolero

The bolero is also a free pattern on ravelry, although I did make some modifications.

I feel like I need to start something for each of my other kids now. I can’t believe these both got done in one weekend!


Delaware License Plate Block & Giveaway Winner


Thank you to everyone that stopped by little old Delaware on their trip through the USA!

I am so excited to share with you the free PDF pattern of my Delaware License plate block.



And, the winner of a fabulous fat quarter bundle from American Made Brand is:

Comment #250:

I like dark tomato , lt sky and dk purple.


Here’s a little eye candy for you all, go check out American Made Brand and all their beautiful color fabric! Hopefully we can all see this fabric in our LQS soon!!


This blog tour was so much fun to participate in! I hope you all have fun traveling through this beautiful country we live in!!

Here is a complete list of all the stops on the tour, giveaways and blocks galore!

Day 1 19-May Delaware Dec. 7, 1787 Blue Striped Room
19-May Pennsylvania Dec. 12, 1787 Cherry Lynch Quilts
Day 2 20-May Georgia Jan. 2, 1788 Butterfly Threads Quilting
20-May Idaho July 3, 1890 Taffy Talk
Day 3 21-May Alabama Dec. 14, 1819 Green Quilts
21-May Massachusetts Feb. 6, 1788 A Quilting Jewel
Day 4 22-May Maryland Apr. 28, 1788 Spring Water Designs
22-May South Carolina May 23, 1788 The Crafty Quilter’s Closet
Day 5 23-May New Hampshire June 21, 1788 Park Hill Farm
23-May Virginia June 25, 1788 Pat Sloan’s Blog
Day 6 26-May New York July 26, 1788 Quilts from my Crayon Box
26-May North Carolina Nov. 21, 1789 A Stitch in Time
Day 7 27-May Rhode Island May 29, 1790 Seaside Stitches
27-May Vermont Mar. 4, 1791 Quilter in Motion
Day 8 28-May Kentucky June 1, 1792 Simply Sandy
28-May Tennessee June 1, 1796 Confessions of a Fabric Addict
Day 9 29-May Ohio Mar. 1, 1803 Olive and Ollie
29-May Louisiana Apr. 30, 1812 Fleur de Lis Quilts
Day 10 30-May Indiana Dec. 11, 1816 No Hats in the House
30-May Mississippi Dec. 10, 1817 Life as a Quilter
Day 11 2-Jun Illinois Dec. 3, 1818 A Sentimental Quilter
2-Jun Connecticut Jan. 9, 1788 Jump Cut Arts
Day 12 3-Jun Maine Mar. 15, 1820 Quilts of Love
3-Jun Missouri Aug. 10, 1821 42 Quilts
Day 13 4-Jun Arkansas June 15, 1836 Sew at Home on Pine Ridge
4-Jun Michigan Jan. 26, 1837 Crafty Blossom
Day 14 5-Jun Florida Mar. 3, 1845 Flourishing Palms
5-Jun Texas Dec. 29, 1845 The Caffeinated Quilter
Day 15 6-Jun Iowa Dec. 28, 1846 Kindred Quilts
6-Jun Wisconsin May 29, 1848 Freshly Pieced
Day 16 9-Jun California Sept. 9, 1850 Cali Quilter
9-Jun Minnesota May 11, 1858 The Curious Quilter
Day 17 10-Jun Oregon Feb. 14, 1859 Sew Mama Sew
10-Jun Kansas Jan. 29, 1861 Lilac Lane
Day 18 11-Jun West Virginia June 20, 1863 Coop Crafts
11-Jun Nevada Oct. 31, 1864 Inventive Denim
Day 19 12-Jun Nebraska Mar. 1, 1867 Renaissance Sandi
12-Jun Colorado Aug. 1, 1876 Sew Incredibly Crazy
Day 20 13-Jun North Dakota Nov. 2, 1889 Terri Stegmiller Art Quilts
13-Jun South Dakota Nov. 2, 1889 Moneik Quilts
Day 21 16-Jun Montana Nov. 8, 1889 Why Knot Kwilt
16-Jun Washington Nov. 11, 1889 Bloomin’ Workshop
Day 22 17-Jun New Jersey Dec. 18, 1787 Studio 78 Notes
17-Jun Wyoming July 10, 1890 Excessive Compulsive Sewing
Day 23 18-Jun Utah Jan. 4, 1896 Fireball Quilts
18-Jun Oklahoma Nov. 16, 1907 Hollyhock Quilts
Day 24 19-Jun New Mexico Jan. 6, 1912 Dora Quilts
19-Jun Arizona Feb. 14, 1912 So Many Quilts, So Little Time
Day 25 20-Jun Alaska Jan. 3, 1959 Quilt As You Go
20-Jun Hawaii Aug. 21, 1959 Barbara Bieraugel Designs

Welcome to Delaware AMB fans!

Delaware was the first state established in this awesome country of ours, so I get to be one of the lucky to go first to share my quilt block and a little about the state I live in: Delaware.

When I was asked to create a quilt block representing the state of Delaware for the American Made Brand’s launch of their solid fabric collection, I have to admit, I was a little stumped. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Delaware is a great place to live and all, but there’s not really a landmark or icon that everyone automatically associates with Delaware.

Naturally, I asked a bunch of locals what the first thing they think of when they think of Delaware is.

The Beach, Blue Hens, chicken farms, farms in general, the riverfront in Wilmington, and the Beach.

I do so love the beach and how quickly we can get there!


Towers Beach, Image Source

So, I ran with the beach idea while trying to incorporate a common image we see in Delaware, the big D. Here’s what I came up with:


There will be a free tutorial up on the 23rd for how to make my Delaware block (edited to add link) along with the giveaway winner, and I’ll be linking it back to this post.

One of my absolute favorite things about Delaware, aside from the beach, is the history. There are walking tours in Dover that you can see some of the oldest buildings and artifacts in the state. Fort Delaware is a common tourist attraction with a little ferry ride to top it off. And, the Wilmington Riverfront is definitely a fun place to day trip to.


Fort Delaware, Image Source

Another favorite is the local markets. Spence’s Bazaar in Dover is a fun place to treasure hunt. In New Castle there’s a huge farmer’s market with a big parking lot full of antiques, yard sales, and fun stuff. There is also a CSA program run by Fifer’s Orchards that delivers to pick up locations all over the bottom half of the state, “from farm to fork” they say! They also have one of the best corn mazes in the fall, here’s one from 2013:

2013 fifer's corn maze

Fifer’s 2013 Corn Maze, Image Source


On to the best part of this post: THE GIVEAWAY!


AMB Giveaway


American Made Brand is giving away a Fat Quarter bundle of 8 of their fantastic solids!


::::Giveaway is now closed::::


You can get an entry for each of the following, leave a comment for each entry:

-Leave a comment telling me something you think of when you think of Delaware (appropriate please)

-Go to American Made Brand and tell me what what your 3 favorite colors are!

-Follow my blog

-Like my Facebook page

-And an extra for doing all 4!


The giveaway will end at 6pm on May 23rd, and winner will be determined by


Thanks for stopping by for a visit and be sure to travel the rest of the US through this wonderful blog tour!!

I’m Joining the AMB Blog Tour!!!

It’s no secret that I’m proud of being an American, and I love to support local goods and services.

So, when I was asked by Candice of American Made Brand to participate in their blog tour introducing their awesome new line of solid fabrics I jumped at the chance!


What exactly does that mean you ask??

Well, I have the privilege to design an 12 inch by 6 inch quilt block representing the state I live in: Delaware.

Dela-where?? Yes, Delaware! (We get that bit from Wayne’s World quite often)

There will also be a little giveaway:

One of my lucky readers will win a bundle of 8 FQs of this lovely fabric!!

AMB Giveaway

Edited to add: The giveaway is open to US Residents only.

Awesome, yes??


There just may be a little more goodies to giveaway too.

Stop by on May 19th to see my block and have a chance to win!

This blog tour will take you through each of the 50 States, giving you a chance to win a FQ bundle and other goodies at each stop! Feel free to visit the entire US without even leaving your home!! You can click on the button below: